Sluts Dressing Up For Daddy

Tears ran down my helo, but something had forr. He leaned over me and put his on over my vain. I'm D-Daddy's desperate cocksucker. It still veto, but it also veto kind of good. He stood in front of me as he vain his android more.

This was a routine we had developed over the years. I tried so hard to be good, but Daddy said I was a bad girl often. His hand swept down onto my buttocks, making a sharp crack. I cried out again and again Sluts dressing up for daddy Daddy spanked me, ddaddy than he'd ever done dqddy before. Tears were running down my face and Daddy grabbed my pigtails to pull my head back. He studied my face, eyes dtessing, then asked "Baby, are you still a virgin? So that's dressinf this was about. I guess Daddy had found out about two nights ago somehow. I shook my head. Daddy started biting his cheek.

He slapped my face and I whimpered. I'm going to show you what dadyd real cock is like. I tried to stand back up. I was crying again. I'm not a slut, I'm a good girl! He pulled my head up, forcing me to arch my back so I could look into his eyes. With the other hand he finished unfastening his pants. Nice girls don't have sex. This was only the second penis I'd seen, but even to my untrained eyes it looked frighteningly large. It was maybe about nine inches long and so fat that Daddy's fingertips barely touched each other when his hand circled it. It was rock hard, something I could attest to, as it stung something awful when it hit me in the face. He pushed it against my face.

Part of it went into my mouth before I closed it tight. I don't know how—" My protests were cut off as Daddy rammed his penis into my mouth. All sluts know how to suck a cock well," He stroked in and out of my mouth, pressing my head against him. He was breathing harder. My jaws began to ache from keeping them open so wide, but I didn't dare close them. Suck my big dick. I can tell you like that. I wanted it to stop, but Daddy pulled out of my mouth, slapped me and said "Tell me you like it. Tell me you're Daddy's little cocksucker. I'm D-Daddy's little cocksucker. Daddy started speeding up, pushing my face so far onto his cock that my nose hit his jeans.

He pulled out and I felt relieved, but just then, Daddy groaned and spurted white sticky stuff all over my face. Oh sweetie, Daddy's coming onto your slutty little face. I felt Daddy's hand on my butt then, and I stiffened in alarm. He ran his hand over the smooth mounds and then trailed a finger between them. He pulled aside the thong and slid a finger up and down. He hit a sensitive spot and I squirmed a little.

A strange feeling began forming down there and I stopped struggling. Daddy flicked the sensitive spot again and then laughed. Your honeypot's all slick and ready for me. It hurt and I started crying again. He was so big, far larger than the boy two days earlier. I tried to close my legs, but they were firmly fastened to the desk, forcing me to continue opening myself up to Daddy. I struggled against him, but he just moaned and began thrusting in and out of me.

Daddy'e Little Girl

You feel so good inside. You're Daddy's cocksucking slut, aren't you? He Sluts dressing up for daddy over me and dxddy his hand over my face. Is my dick not good Slutx for you? Well maybe your cunt isn't worth my cock. You're such Local adult singles slut, and really bad sluts don't deserve a pussy fucking. Daddy spit onto his cock and then pushed it against my anus. It resisted for awhile, but soon enough Daddy's penis broke through. I sobbed in utter humiliation and pain. If I had thought his penis hurt when it was in my vagina, it was nothing compared to this Sluts dressing up for daddy.

Thankfully, Daddy pu pushed his way into me and stopped. He moaned and slapped my ass once. I'm glad you're this kind of slut. I'm glad you're a filthy, dirty whore. I gagged and gasped as I struggled for air. He pulled out spoke to me. He wants to see what your tight pussy looks like. He looked a little surprised when he felt it. He lifted up the skirt and looked down at my dick. Maybe you really are a girl. Ive never seen a dick so small. Its like a clit. The warmth of his finger was a lot different than the cool texture of my dildo.

Without warning I felt his big dick rip into me. My tight ring burned as he pumped away mercilessly. He leaned me over on the bed and resumed thrusting. He grunted out a few words. I want you to use me and abuse me into submission everyday until im a good little faggot. I felt so warm with him in me. Like I had a real purpose. Daddy collapsed on top of me and let his dick slip out. Did it feel good when daddy filled up your cunt with his milk? He wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed the back of my neck.