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Another woman says that some punters are just as anxious to talk about the difficult job cyos as they are to have sex. The days of being able to make a full-time living out of prostitution are long gone, reckons Vivienne, at least in larger towns and cities.

More people are entering prostitution, agrees Cari Mitchell of the Mc coys escorts Collective of Prostitutes. Some working women in Westminster say they have halved their prices because the market has become so saturated. In London, and increasingly elsewhere, Mc coys escorts provide strong competition. But Sophie, an expensive escort in Edinburgh, says she is seeing an influx of newbies including students and the recently laid-off, many of them offering more for less. Parts of the sex trade are comparatively hale. At the top end of the market, Marie, another escort in Scotland, says custom has not dried up.

Girls increasingly report requests for discounts, she says. But those who lower their prices sometimes swiftly raise them again, deterred by the kind of customer who is attracted to bargains. The market for dominatrices is holding up well, too, according to Mr McCoy. There are Many Ways to Edit a.

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