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I'm breaking all my own rules here, but feel gentlemen like Mature chloe escort would be interested to know that I have been meeting with this lovely lady for sometime. She has been a life enhancer, absolutely discreet and wonderful company. To assist in you arranging your travel plans, phone me at anytime prior to Marure date you wish to meet with me. There is no availability for soft girl-friend style sex givers, sorry! Cock shaven is not a requirement unless you are kept like this! I am sorry we can't meet then. It is a pre-requisite to you seeing me.

I must be able contact you on the day to direct you to my home. Put me on my knees, deeply enter me in either my front or back holes and then ease my head back and ride and hard fuck me pony style whilst holding on to my 'mane' Q. I ask you before penetrating me to put on one of my very thin condoms - and I have these available when we meet - they are fabulous, and my guys tell me Anal Fuck me real hard!! I make no extra charge for this service too. Everything I list is available to you to enjoy with me.

It's all in the one fee. I have been brave enough to literally 'open up' my self to many services that most ladies on AW would never offer! So when we meet enjoy all that I have offer you There is obviously an extra fee, but it is still good value for the sensuous sexy fun threesomes can be. For One Hour Incall: For meet times greater than one hour or Dinner Dates. To ensure that the lady is happy to meet with me in this situation, I shall wish to speak 1to1 with her prior to the arrangement. Please do not try to bend my ear if you are younger - or even lie about your age. I enjoy seeing professional young men within the above age range that are genuine and over the 'phone can hold a sensible conversation.

I'm sorry I do not meet with bi-sexual gentlemen due to the much higher risk to me of possibly getting serious STD's. You may question my reasoning for this?

May I refer you to the numerous medical reports on cross generation of STD's with bi-sexual gentlemen. Please do not take this personally, but STD risks are of extreme concern to us ladies. All coloured skins and particular black I love being fucked by and sucking their big cocks too - let's meat! BBC's Give it me all the way! I just love going on my knees, my arse cheeks pulled open and my Anus hole deep well fingered and licked out - give me more!! For this Free hot slut fucking will need to pull me across the bed until my head drops backwards over the mattress side. You can then stand at my head and pull my mouth wide-open and slide the full length of your erect cock into my mouth and carry on down in to my throat - and then throat fuck me!

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