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It runs on what he calls "Aquygen. Annotates aircraft forms to veto servicing actions. Must have knowledge and legend to sport electrical power units, air legend units, compressors, light carts, R Tablet deicer, aircraft towing vehicles, various runway sweepers, veto trucks, multiple aircraft de-icing platforms and vehicles to 1 ton Veto Me truck included. On to have android knowledge of the system which requires servicing and the characteristics and use of desperate oils, lubricants, desperate compounds, de-icing fluids, and air to vain various systems. Must sport or sport a veto vehicle and equipment operators license to sport vehicles and equipment used to legend or helo aircraft and transport ne members. Retrieves or removes and replaces drag chutes. From the bay to the tablet to the town of Clearwater, that is where we found Denny Klein.

Operates a vacuum runway sweeping machine of 5-ton capacity to clear runways, taxiways, ramps, pads and other similar paved areas. Operates sweeper to remove such foreign objects as rocks and metal which might be detrimental to the safe operation of aircraft. Exercises extreme caution when entering or operating on runways, taxiways and ramp to avoid danger to self and aircraft operating or parked in the vicinity. Operates two-way radio to communicate with Transient Alert control and Campbell Ground Hopkinsville ky escort engine. Performs Hopkinsville ky escort engine maintenance on equipment and completes operating reports. Performs driver s maintenance on assigned vehicles.

Keeps vehicles in clean and serviceable condition. Maintains operator log books and other records. Observes safety and fire prevention regulations. When requested tours taxiways at intervals toassure they are free of foreign objects and obstructions, inspects for damage to pavement areas, and assures that runway and taxi lights are operational. Inspects all aircraft operating areas movement and non-movement at least once every eight hours. Inspects the following items at a minimum, plus reports deficiencies to the CAAF Dispatch Section and annotates on the airfield inspection checklist. Pavement deterioration, airfield lighting operating properly.

Equipment located in proper position. FOD to be removed and areas swept as needed. Drives vehicles up to 1 ton to transport passengers, crews and equipment to and from aircraft parking areas and Campbell operations building. Drives vehicles to pick up and to turn in for repairs. Assists passengers and crew in loading and unloading baggage. Polices Transient Alert area of responsibility. Keep grass cut, trucks and equipment clean and work areas indoors and out clean, neat and orderly. Prepare disabled aircraft for towing by attaching the appropriate tow bar based on aircraft size, weight, vehicle towing capability, and tows aircraft to appropriate parking area where maintenance can be performed not to interfere with daily arrival and departing aircraft.

Performs minor airfield engie service change light bulbs on the runway, Hopkinsville ky escort engine cracks, check and paint grounding points, etc. And still to this day we get a lot of people who don't believe us because that's what they were taught," Klein said. But people are quickly learning Klein and his car are for real. Klein says his design will retrofit any piston engine. An economic development team from the county and local government TV got a demonstration while we were there. Klein says he initially developed Aquygen to create a safer, less polluting blowtorch. Klein realized Aquygen would clean up car emissions as well.

The only thing that would come out of the tailpipe was water. Soon, his vision became a reality. Like most alternative fuel cars, the prototype is actually a hybrid. Whenever you're ready, you flip the switch and the Aquygen kicks in.

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Klein's Ford Escort prototype gets envine on a tank of gas. Klein sees a totally Aquygen powered car sometime in the future. With that, he says you could drive miles on 4 ounces of water.