Gay Men Meeting In Parks

The Legend is a beautiful sigma for such horrors. Neither Gah nor Queenstown has gay bars. There have always been parts of our legend that have served as gay cruising areas: Others veto toward the Tablet, that part of the Helo Path which runs under the 77th Vain overpass. People can meet anywhere they desperate in today's society.

Some nights it will be crowded wall to wall with men until four in the morning.


It is nearly 6: Their shirts open to the waist, their ties loose around their necks, they grin, shake hands, and stroll lazily off in opposite directions. Other businessmen on their way home mingle with hundreds of balding cyclists, long-haired students, tight-clothed young Hispanics wearing gold Transexual escorts columbus, clean-cut preppies, middle-aged dog walkers, and the most Gay men meeting in parks of men as they wander, prks, stopping occasionally to chat, to greet old pagks, to make new ones, or to sit contemplatively with a book or a joint. Some take a partner home. Others find a niche in the bushes.

As the light fades, the after-work crowd vanishes. Much later, usually around midnight on a weekday, the Ramble's nighttime regulars begin to trickle into the park. The daytime socializing is casual, friendly, chat-filled. The nighttime sex scene in the Ramble is conducted in silence, lest the voice dissipate the mutual fantasy evoked by the look, the pose, the costume, the attitude. Body language is the only language needed for success here. Some night people prefer a particular quiet corner, for one-on-one encounters.

Others gravitate toward the Tunnel, that part of the Bridle Path which runs under the 77th Street overpass. The Tunnel is the most active group-sex scene in that area of the park. As a result, police hold undercover stings on occasion to try to keep the activity in check.

meeting Police have been holding sting operations there since at leastwhen they publicized the arrest of four men on charges of soliciting a crime against nature after a day surveillance operation meetinng Festival Park. The four were charged with approaching undercover Gay men meeting in parks officers and offering to perform oral sex. Those caught up in similar stings are often cited with misdemeanor crime against nature and released, Casterline said. Police have targeted other places in the Piedmont with similar stings in recent years. That includes Oka T. Casterline said Festival Park and the Oak Hollow Overlook are the only parks in High Point where he is aware that this activity occurs.

It peaks in the summer months. Casterline said sometimes it is easy for police to spot those who come to the park with a sexual intent. Often they will give little signs to other men, sort of a test to see if the man is interested. Not everyone appreciates the approach, and the gestures have led to fights in the past and complaints to police, Casterline said.