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He gets confused doing even simple chores around idniana house, and last week I found out he hadn't paid the electric bill. He's such an independent guy and none of us can imagine moving him to assisted living or a nursing home.

We know he needs daily helpbut how can we return the gift of time and allow him to stay in the home he loves? With a network of locations across Indianaand worldwide, Home Instead Senior Care is all about taking care of older family members long-term in the Marie slut they've enjoyed and treasured. We provide a range of services including companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, shopping, errands—everything you'd do for your loved one, and more—to give you peace of mind, whether you live several states away or in the next county. Inspired by a Personal Experience It was Paul and Lori Hogan's own personal experience caring for their year-old grandmother in her home that inspired Escorts indiana jasper vincennes to launch Home Instead Senior Care in They realized many families had the same need for non-medical in-home care and elder companionship that could help seniors live independently at home.

The demand for these important services has been so great, that the company's network now has locally owned franchises across North America and around the globe. Your Home Instead Senior Care representative can help you decide if our services could assist your loved one in preserving a good quality of life and remaining safely in his or her home. When you request home care a representative will contact you within 24 hours and you'll receive a free, no-obligation personal consultation. Request your free, no-obligation consultation today by selecting the Indiana location nearest you and filling out the Request Home Care inquiry form on their Web site.

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