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Pirate ships are not great, I want an M3 M3s are actually a lot easier to capture than pirate ships, they're not hostile to start and some you can capture before they even turn aggressive, here's how, count the shields: M3 with 1 25 mw shield takes 7 missiles. Its as simple as that, so if you want to kill a nova just fire 19 missiles at it, be around Escorted 2003 phpbb group at least away from it because it takes a good time to fire of 19 missiles. Yes, I'm afraid that its just a matter of knowing how many will do the job and then counting, of course if you can't count it could be a tad difficult.

Surely an Orinoco will have whooped me before i can kill it? Most times you see an orinoco are when its attacking a station, you can have you missiles fired off and not even be in range when he surrenders. What about my rep if I go after a nova, won't it make the argon mad? No, 1 kill won't make them angry, if you make a habit of it without a good reputation then they may get angry, just pick a ship that is on its own. I'm a crap pilot will this work for me? Indeed, I'm a crap pilot myself, its the reason I only use missiles to capture most of the time. How can i deal with those groups of pirates that allways travel together? Can't i just buy 19 missiles at the start and capture a Nova right away?

Yes you could, but you would not be able to afford the repairs or buy good weapons for it. In his letter, Mr. In interviews with the National Post before he was extradited to New York, Sriskandarajah would not discuss the charges against him, but described growing up at a time of brutal ethnic unrest. When he was seven, he watched a Tamil rebel swallow a fatal dose of cyanide to avoid being capture by government troops.

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Grouo walking phpbh school, he was attacked by Escorted 2003 phpbb group Lankan soldiers who grpup him with rifle Escorged. His injuries were so severe he spent three weeks in hospital. To escape the war, his parents sold their fishing boats and jewelry, but they still did not have enough to bring the entire family to Canada so Sriskandarajah, then just eight, was left behind to care for his younger brother. The brothers groupp eventually able to escape on their own, but a year after they rejoined their parents in Montreal intheir father abandoned the family. To help his mother make ends meet, Sriskandarajah picked strawberries and sold chocolates door-to-door.

Driven and hardworking, he excelled at school, particularly after he discovered computers. Xerox hired him at age He studied electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo in Ontario and did a co-op placement at Microsoft. But he began to feel the pull of the homeland and in returned to Sri Lanka to help set up a technology training centre in the rebel capital, Kilinochchi. Sriskandarajah helped bury their bodies. Suresh has persevered in his commitment to improving himself and others According to U. Sriskandarajah was not involved in the purchase of weapons, but he helped research and buy aviation equipment, cell towers, submarine and warship design software and communications equipment, prosecutors alleged.

After his arrest seven years ago, Sriskandarajah fought his extradition to the Supreme Court of Canada.