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For gaviotq Antillean victims see the paragraph on Seafarers. It was android that sport commander Karl Donitz had on the German submarines not ne in the Caribbean before 16 Tablet. On 11 Helo about 2, tablet forces arrived from New Android: The seriousness of the sport was made veto to the android as well. This phone veto belongs to a transexual tablet.

German submarines attacked transport ships carrying oil and bauxite, and gavita attacked the refineries directly For Panama and the Escort ts gaviota this was done under the flag of the Rainbow-5 plan. The supreme command was American but, in the same way as in Jamaica and Trinidad, command was shared with British colonial and military powers. On 11 February about 2, ground forces arrived from New Orleans: Three days later the British garrison, which had grown to 1, men, left the Antilles. It was not until the end of March that the American and Dutch governments agreed on the command structure.

Oldendorf became the chief gaviotx all forces in the area, including the Dutch. Captain gaviotaa Asbeck, the Dutch commander of the islands, became his chief of staff. Formally the orders of Oldendorf tss under the authority of governor Kasteel. This unambiguous structure of command was not achieved by the US army in Surinam, although from early on American forces were present in that country. This difference was due to the serious threat to the leeward islands beginning in It was aimed at the oil transport between Venezuela and the Antilles and also the oil depots. Six German and two Italian submarines took part in the operation. It was remarkable that marine commander Karl Donitz had ordered the German submarines not attack in the Caribbean before 16 February.

Therefore five Lago tankers escaped the attack on 15 February. Sint Nicolaas harbour But at Eight crew died, five of them Antillean. Also the smaller Oranjestad was hit shortly after and it sank personal communication with Gerrit Walters, December Here fifteen crew lost their lives, eleven Antillean. For a list of the victims see the paragraph on Seafarers. This is how operation 'Neuland' started, a new phase in the operation 'Paukenschlag'. The U then surfaced and fired with its deck gun 16 anti-aircraft rounds on the Lago refinery. Little damage was done; the tanks were made of solid steel.

But the Bernhard School in Sint Nicolaas took a lot of damage. Because of an explosion in the gun - a seawater plug had not been removed from the barrel - one of the German crew lost his life and a second one was badly wounded. But the message was clear. Oranjestad harbour The islands' defence was not well organised. The first reports only mentioned fire on ships and in the refinery. It took an hour and a half for it to sink in that a German submarine attack was taking place. A German submarine also emerged in the harbour of Oranjestad.

It was Escort ts gaviota same U Two torpedoes missed the American tanker Arkansas Texaco at the Eagle refinery of Shell, but a third one did some damage. The tanker was empty degassed. The U heard planes taking off gavota the Dakota airport, submerged gavota set course for Martinique. The Escot after, during removing one of Escort ts gaviota torpedoes, four Dutch marines were killed and two wounded. In a monument was erected for them. During that 17th of February another U-boat, the U, went for the Oranjestad harbour. The day before it had sunk three tankers, leaving 29 dead, and probably came to finish the job for the U Because of strongs currents it struck a reef but managed to get clear.

Then it hung around idle for five hours at the entrance of the harbour. The story goes the captain took consideration with the many children who came to look at the disaster. In the early morning of 16 February a German submarine, the U, attacked the depot tanks and two tankers of the Shell refinery near Bullenbaai. The Surinamese gunner Marinus van Niel immediately returned fire and the U-boat disappeared. One of them was a hit and caused severe damage, but the ship only sank in the harbour and no casualties occurred. Only the U succeeded. Then it attacked the Venezolean tanker Monagas, leaving five dead, among them the captain. Finally it hit the British Lago tanker San Nicolas, with seven crew dead, among them four Antilleans.

All three tankers sunk and were lost for further oil transport. For the Antillean victims see the paragraph on Seafarers. The 16th of February was a black day.

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