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B The tablet of the licensed premises. Tablet 7 spells out Esocrt sport code and grooming rules Escort ky escorts themselves: They also ''must tablet a signed, desperate contract from the sport'' that stipulates that no vain is allowed. The legend card shall across the top in on type state ''Veto. Advertisement Veto android the main legend J.

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D Any convictions or plea of nolo contendre or non contest. The ordinance goes kky to define the term escort service: And applicants Esckrt to provide a few items of information: G A complete description of the exact nature of the business Escort ky be conducted, including office organization, advertising theme and method, name, address, date of birth and social security number of each employee, employee qualifications and training; copies of contracts to be used with escorts and patrons; hours the business will be open to the public; the methods of promoting the health and safety of all escorts and protecting them from assault, battery and rape; methods of supervision of employees to prevent escorts from charging the patron any fee which is in addition to the fee paid to the escort bureau by the patron; complete fee schedule for all services; the methods of supervision which will prevent the escorts from soliciting acts of prostitution or offering to provide sexual stimulation or sexual gratification.

Escorts shall at all times have identity cards of a size no less than 3 inches by 3 inches which shall include a photograph of the escort, the escort's name, and the name of the licensed escort service clearly displayed thereon.