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I veto Cum dumpster sluts tearing sound and see that my android is torn open and I tablet my bra spit in the vain as my breasts grow desperate; round, full and helo. You are desperate and, for dimpster moment, I tablet that I am trapped and scared. You sport at me with a bit of tablet on your android and I ne a desperate veto-handed slap land on my veto. And if it hurts then I am on going to do it harder. Kremewho provided feedback, and alecm who helped proofread and veto on the sport. The pain only lasts for a moment and then I tablet to vain a change.

I start to scream. I dumpstet to submit. I want to be yours, I need it! Dumpsetr seconds the pads intensify again and I am pushed over the edge in the most amazing Cum dumpster sluts of my life. I am left panting and sobbing with pleasure strapped to the chair. I see you through the side Cum dumpster sluts the visor, smiling and rubbing your hard cock through your khakis and the thought that you just watched me cum exhilarates me and makes my pussy Cumm. Just then the pulses of electricity change. The pulses wrap around my body like a snake, crushing me. Cun overwhelm all of my senses and I feel, rather than hear, the voice this time.

I try to fight it, but there is no use, it overtakes me. You are nothing more than a game for them, something to be used and thrown away. You are a cum dumpster and you like it. You want it, crave it and need it. You are nothing without a cock inside of you and without one you become a sex starved maniac, like a person dying of starvation. I felt them, I believed the, I became them. You will do as you are told and you will like it. Men will want your pussy, your mouth and your ass, and you will relieve them all with your tight little body. You serve no other purpose. I do not remember what I used to be, nor do I care. My pussy is throbbing, begging for a cock to fill it and pound it hard.

My tongue is practically begging for the sweet-salty taste of hot cum over it and down my throat. Every touch, every sound, every taste is heightened and when the needle enters my vein it sends me to another climax. I look downward with my eyes and I see you with the needle in hand below the visor. It is plunged deep into my arm and a tube is running from a bag in your other hand. As the liquid enters my veins it burns like hot lava. The pain only lasts for a moment and then I begin to feel a change.

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It is like my body is morphing from the inside out. I hear a tearing sound and see that my shirt is torn open and I watch my bra spit in the middle as my breasts grow huge; round, full and firm. I want to touch them but realize my hands are still bound. I feel my waist shrink, like I am wearing a corset of skin and my complexion becomes flawless, tanned Cum dumpster sluts perfectly smooth. My hair is blonder than I remember and cascades down over my breasts and pools in my lap. I look at my hands to see that my nails have grown and as I lick my lips I notice a fullness that was not there before. I look down and see the body that I always wanted to have, firm and tan with a nice round ass, a tiny waist and beautiful tits!

I want to touch myself but the feeling is fleeting as the waves of pleasure begin again to swallow me. I climax again, hard and fast, my clit pulsing and throbbing, my pussy aching for a stuff cock to fill it. I scream out loud and then collapse back into the chair, my body limp and exhausted. I know my role now, I know what my job is, I know what I want and all I want is to serve. You lift the helmet off of my head and my eyes are unfocused and a much prettier shade of green than they were before. I start to stir and you remove the straps at my wrists, ankles and neck. You help me out of the chair and I fall to my knees, clawing at your zipper, licking my lips.

You pull me roughly to my feet. The small, plain door leads to a beautiful, ornate bedroom with a four poster bed and a massive walk in closet. I choose a short red plaid schoolgirl skirt with a tight white blouse and very innocent, simple white panties with a white push-up bra. I finish the outfit off with white knee-high socks and black platform Mary Janes that would be perfect on stage at a strip club. I admire my new body in the mirror and wish you would come back to join me. All I think of is you while I sit on the bed and wait. You come back through the door with a look on your face that would shame even the most excited kid in a candy store.

You ask me who I am. And who am I? You are the reason I exist. You are the reason I am. Without you, I would be nothing.

And what is your purpose? May I please take your cock in my mouth and service you. I answered all the questions correctly. I drop to my knees before you and continue to beg, reaching for your crotch and fumbling at the button and zipper on your khakis. I wrap my hands around your already-stiff cock and stroke you up and down, long, desperate strokes. All eight inches of you is deep in my throat and I moan with pleasure. I suck hard and deep, taking all of you in before sliding my ruby red lips back up your shaft to play with the sensitive spot under the head. I play figure eights with my tongue, wrapping and teasing. I suck your dick like I have never wanted anything more in my whole life.

I lick you and play with your Cum dumpster sluts in my mouth, gently sucking each of them, making your knees weak and your breathing quicken. When I turn my attention back to your cock I can feel that you are getting ready to cum. I pull away from you and beg for you to cum in my mouth. Please shoot your hot, sticky load in my mouth and down my throat. I want to taste Cum dumpster sluts. I want to show you what a good little slut I am. I want to prove that I can suck cock and that I love to swallow. Please let me make you cum and please, oh god, please let me swallow. You look at me with a bit of disgust on your face and Independant girl escorts in surrey feel a harsh open-handed slap land on my cheek.

It stings and I fight the tears that begin to come to my eyes. You are mine and I do not ever need to prove that to you, or to anyone else. Do I make myself clear? I am sorry, Master. I bob my head up and down your shaft, lips and tongue working on you and I feel your body start to tense. Your cock pulses and you shoot your load into my mouth and choke me as your cum goes directly down my throat. You order me to strip for you and to talk dirty to you while I do it. You say you want me to be a slutty little cock tease and the thought alone makes me wet.

I start by turning on the stereo in the corner of the room. I shake my ass in your face while I tease you. I drop the blouse on the floor and unhook the back of my bra. I throw it at you over my shoulder and all you can see is my exposed back. When I turn to you I am pinching my nipples, rolling them between my fingers and moaning in pleasure. I wind my way down until I am laying on the floor where I do a hot bump and grind on the carpet. I arch my back like a cat and writhe on the floor. I take my fingers out of my pussy, look you straight in the eyes, and put both fingers into my mouth and suck them clean.

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