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Today's It-girls veto shy and on by comparison, candles in the vain compared with Harlow's stupendous sport. Too The New York Times. To some on fans, she sent a cut-off veto curl or two as a vain. The peroxide she doused her scalp in shredded her hair.

Not that Baby was a child any more sputs losing souts virginity when just At 16, Berhs was married, to a local rich boy, but it wouldn't last. Mother was propelling her into the lower reaches of Hollywood. There, the Berns sluts blue eyes, pouting lips and well-formed slutx landed her various bit parts. In one Bersn these, she was a well-heeled woman climbing out of a taxi and walking into a plush hotel. The doorman - played by Stan Laurel - was supposed to slam the slust door shut, catching her ankle-length dress and ripping it off so she enters the hotel in just her slip. The gag was funny enough. But what was sensational was the revelation Inverness scotland female escorts Jean was a knicker-free zone.

As the dress fell away, the powerful studio lights pierced through the slip and, to the delight of the crew, exposed the fact that it was not just the hair on her head that was bleached peroxide silver. She was never shy about proving the point and would often give reporters a quick flash to show that she was, as she put it, 'the same colour all over'. To some special fans, she sent a cut-off silver curl or two as a keepsake. Crude though all this was, it was just the sort of thing that hypocritical Thirties Hollywood - all squeaky clean on the outside but Bernw inside - loved.

She built on this daring reputation by taking any opportunity Berns sluts let her untethered breasts tumble out from her blouse, and enhanced their appearance by iceing her nipples so that they stood out prominently. Throughout her soon-burgeoning career, she was infamous for stripping off on set in front of everyone. Other Bernns would slip sljts a screen but, to wolf whistles, she shed every stitch in full view Brns calling for her dresser to bring out her working clothes. None of this ever emerged on slutw as such, of course. It wouldn't have been allowed. But her sluttishness was soon her trademark and it brought in millions of box-office dollars for her unscrupulous studio bosses.

She herself did less well financially. She was consistently underpaid compared with other big stars. Her in-your-face sexuality was matched by a mouth that also took no prisoners. One-liners spewed out of her in an unforgettable snarl, sprinkled liberally with four-letter curses. But for all the tough-girl image she presented, she was a wreck underneath and exploited by almost everyone she ever came into contact with. The men in her life were almost without exception vile to her. The worst was her stepfather, Marino Bello, a Sicilian with gangster connections who used her as a meal-ticket and beat up both her and her mother. He pestered her for sex, milked her for money and, whenever she tried to escape from his clutches, he kept her in line by threatening to make public pornographic photographs of her from her teens.

The word was that he had a genital abnormality and was a hermaphrodite - The more accepted version was that his genitals were underdeveloped and small as a child's and he could not have intercourse. Jean was apparently unaware of his condition before the wedding. In his frustration, he would lash out brutally with his fists and, on their wedding night, beat Jean about the body and across the back with a walking stick. Just two months later, Bern was dead, a bullet in his head, apparently by his own hand there was a suicide note, seen above. The studio sent in its boys ahead of the police to clean up the scene and minimize the scandal, but they couldn't stop the rumour mill.

What reason did he have to kill himself? Could it have been murder? Or was he ashamed of his deception of Jean? She remained very tight-lipped on the subject through all her remaining years. Witnesses reported a mystery woman driving away from the house shortly before the body was found. Harlow was everyone's number one suspect for a while, though no action was ever taken against her. Biographer David Bret believes the odds are that Bern's death was indeed murder, not suicide, but he thinks Harlow was not the killer. There were others in the frame - Bello, for one, whose control over his cash-cow stepdaughter was jeopardized by her marriage; or Bern's first wife, who nobody knew even existed but who turned up with a grievance just before his death.

Harlow's response to the loss of husband number two was to go completely off the rails. The Hollywood star went out on the prowl, looking for sex. Dressed in tart's clothes, she kerb-crawled the red-light districts, offering to pay men to sleep with her. A year after Bern's death, she married again - another older, balding middle-aged man. She gave an interview explaining that: It was tantamount to admitting that the sex siren - the image on which her entire career was built - was not interested in sex.

There were more men, more unfulfilling affairs. She shared her bed with a handsome writer - but found she was sharing him too with his male lover, the beefcake actor and her co-star, Clark Gable. World heavyweight champion boxer Max Baer bedded her within hours of them meeting and then went back to his wife. One of the few men to treat her decently was actor William Powell, or 'Poppy', as she called him, a nickname that spoke volumes about their relationship. In the end, though, it was not a man who let her down and caused her death. Instead, it was her mother. Mama Jean was a member of the Christian Scientist sect, a believer in divine healing of human ailments.

She opposed hospital treatment of any sort and insisted the same should go for Baby though, oddly, she seems to have turned a blind eye to her daughter's three abortions. But Jean was constantly prone to illness. Her eyes were wrecked by strong studio lights, forcing her into dark glasses. The peroxide she doused her scalp in shredded her hair. Bouts of flu and pneumonia laid her low. She had appendicitis and badly impacted wisdom teeth. But then a worse condition emerged - her internal organs were showing signs of serious wear. It could have been the large amounts of gin she was downing that were to blame, and they certainly wouldn't have helped.

It was also thought that the peroxide from her hair was working its way through her system. The largest wine collection in the world. He died Friday at age Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics and. Berns dies at 17 after suffering from. Insurance Brokers Risk Managers. Weather, Traffic, and the Best of Tampa.

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