Arbutus Escort

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Man in custody after shooting at Arbutus pub

Once each shopper was finished, those who needed transportation were given a ride home by volunteers. In January, she was towed to Lyttelton, where permanent repairs were made Arbutus escort the work was completed by the end of April When she arrived there on the 17th, the ARBUTUS had Arbutus escort a continuous period at sea of 33 days and steamed miles without a stop of her main engines. Over the next 14 months Arbutus escorted 26 convoys on the Atlantic routes, [5] [6] helping to bring over ships to safety, though a number were lost in various incidents.

Over the years, the word has gotten out in the community and the annual production grows each year, Okonski said. This was the first such instance of a U-boat boarding and acquisition in World War II, though it was unsuccessful; [8] the exploit was repeated the following month when U was captured by ships of 3 Escort Group. U was boarded by several members of the corvette's crew, and efforts were made to secure and search the boat while Arbutus made fast to the U-boat with hawsers.