93 Ford Escort 1.9l Thermostat Location

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I did find out the thwrmostat didn't work. I took out the fan and hooked it up to the Bloomington escort companies and it ran fine, both low and high. I then reinstalled the fan, disconnected the PCM and fotd fan started right up. The next thing I checked was the engine coolant sensor and it was bad. I could take the electrical locafion and spin it deg. Knowing it was a sensor for the 93 ford escort 1.9l thermostat location, I bought a new one from the local Ford dealer instead of an off-brand. I let the engine run at idle and waited for the fan to kick on. It finall came on when the temp gage needle was at the absolute upper limit of the normal range, at the tick mark to the left of the lL in the word NORMAL.

It didn't go past that, but I was really nervous it would hit the red line for awhile. It ran for a about a minute, then stopped. It never went into high. I let it cycle one more time and it did the same. The pistons dropped the compression ratio to 8. Even today, some 20 years after its release, new ways are being developed to extract even more performance. There are not many differences from the 1. The cylinder head was equipped with hydraulic roller camshaft followers to reduce noise and help the engine to run more smoothly. This stroke length was later used in the 2. This long stroke necessitated a raised engine block deck, a design also shared with later units.

No heat in 1994 Escort LX 1.9L. NOT HOUSING ISSUE.

The camshaft and water pump are driven by the timing belt. This engine is of a non-interference design: This engine developed a good reputation for performance thfrmostat surviving GTs of this generation are quite fun to drive. The additional displacement was achieved by boring the 1. It is the smoothest and quietest CVH engine made, and continued to deliver excellent fuel economy, although due to the car's increased weight, mileage is somewhat less than earlier models usually mids city, mids highway. As with the 1. This engine is also a non-interference design. These engines have "Split Port Induction" in raised letters on the top of the valve cover.