1996 Ford Escort Lx Transmission Fluid

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It is intended to never need to be checked or changed. Check out this link 19996 more info: There isn't one according to my knowledge. But fordd to be on the safe side please check your owner's manual- if you have one; it should tell you how to check the lube level. GM never put a dipstick in the Pontiac Sunfire. They call it a sealed transmission. If you aren't noticing any leaking from the transmission under the car pools of red fluid when you've been parked then your fluid is probably not low. But in my opinion it is always good to change the transmission filter ever 10, miles or so.

Transmission Fluid Level Check Ford Escort (1991-1996)

I believe its 7 quarts but always check your owners manual! I have to differ on the fact that some of the Sunfire 4 door sedans did have a traditional style tube and stick! These were in the or 2. I own one and and needed to replace the dip stick, I spent hours in junk yards and still never found the right one. So I assume they are not all that common. I myself was stunned when I saw that red dip stick ring sitting there on top the engine Who whoulda thunk it? If I let it sit and idle for 10 minutes or so it goes back into gear and runs great. This mainly happens when it's cold and has been sitting overnight. It's a automatic and shifts fine. GTP Dad When a filter starts to clog up it doesn't allow enough fluid to enter the pump and the transmission will not perform properly.

Also, did you re-check the fluid level to make sure it is proper. Even a slight leak can fuid you to lose enough fluid to make a difference in trans performance. When foord car is warm the fluid level is up to 65 C on the dipstick which is the top level. It just acts like it's low on fluid though the way it's reacting. Should I go a little above the 65C when hot? I was thinking it maybe wise to take it in and get a power flush to get all the old tranny fluid out.