1993 Ford Escort Schematics

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Interference may occur between bolt that secures fuel escorrt shield to lower dash and gas pedal, causing pedal to stick wide open. Pins securing ignition lock can separate or move out of position; cylinder may disengage, causing steering column to lock up.

On some cars, fatigue crack can develop in solder joint between fuel return 1993 ford escort schematics and fuel pump sending unit; fuel vapor could escape when tank is full, and small amount may leak. On small number of front suspension units made by Dana Corp. On a few cars, driver-side airbag may 1993 ford escort schematics improperly and expel hot gases. Two bolts that attach passenger-side airbag may be missing; in frontal impact, the airbag could fail to restrain the passenger. Cracks can develop in plastic fuel tank, resulting in leakage. Equipment Lists Click on year to see equipment lists for all models offered for that model year.

Pricing Used-car pricing varies widely depending on local market conditions. Therefore, we recommend visiting websites that list used cars for sale to get a better idea of what a specific model is selling for in your area. In addition, Ford executives became adamant that the new vehicle would feature four-wheel-drive, an addition they felt would be necessary to allow it to compete properly with four-wheel-drive models from Peugeot and Audi.

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RS at the Race Retro The new vehicle was 1993 ford escort schematics unique design, featuring a plastic- fiberglass composite body designed by Ghiaa mid-mounted engine and four-wheel drive. The cars were built on behalf of Ford by another company well known for its expertise in producing fibreglass 1993 ford escort schematics - Reliant. To aid weight distribution, designers mounted the transmission at the front of the car, which required that power from the mid-mounted Macon escort search go first up to the front wheels and then be run back again to the rear, creating a complex drive train setup.

A double wishbone suspension setup with twin dampers on all four wheels aided handling and helped give the car what was often regarded as being the best balanced platform of any of the RS's contemporary competitors. The Ford parts-bin was raided to help give the RS a Ford corporate look, for example the front windscreen and rear lights were identical to those of the early Sierra and the doors were cut-down Sierra items; though small parts-bin items like switchgear were also used to save development time and expenses. The mid-engined RS's engine bay and rear suspension Power came from a 1. Although the RS had the balance and poise necessary to be competitive, its power-to-weight ratio was poor by comparison, and its engine produced notorious low-RPM lag, making it difficult to drive and ultimately less competitive.

Factory driver Kalle Grundel 's third-place finish at the WRC Rally of Sweden represented the vehicle's best-ever finish in Group B rallying competition, although the model did see limited success outside of the ultra-competitive Group B class. However, only one event later, at the Rally de Portugala Ford RS was involved in one of the most dramatic accidents in WRC history, claiming the lives of three spectators and injuring many others. Power figures for the engine vary quite a bit from source to source, depending on the mechanical setup e.

Upgraded brakes and suspension components were part of the package as well. A parts car was built in England and later used to compete in the Unlimited category at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climbwhere it was driven by Swede Stig Blomqvist inand [6] and in by former British Rallycross champion Mark Rennison. The RS was designed from the ground-up as a purpose-built, mid-engined rally supercar- the homologation road-legal models were essentially a by-product of Ford wanting to race the RS and show off their technology capabilities in the increasingly popular World Rally Championship.