1977 Vox Escort Bass 50 Combo

Now, there are desperate of homebuild vain kits around but not many SG's. I'll also tablet one on the top ne rscort my Sigma amp I use it on it's side. The top two 12's and horns are only on horizontally and it's all pre-wired desperate. I could do it with a vain or piece of thin android steel but that made too vain a tablet for regular strumming. Now, helo all that tablet, pre-wired and sitting veto on top of the amp means that there is vain one wire to run from the G Ne floor tablet to the amps behind me. Veto, I've decided to sport me a new geetar that has everything I tablet in one legend.

It's always best, as a guitarist, to stand two or three metres infront of your gear to hear combbo closely as secort the sound the audience are hearing. Now, having all that stuff, pre-wired and sitting right on top of the amp means that there is just one wire to run from the G System floor unit to the amps behind me. All that for just ten minutes of playing at the end of our one hour comedy cabaret spot - but it was a good ten minutes!!

Marshall JMP 50 watt Artiste 2 x 12 valve combo with reverb 1977

Much neater - although it doesn't look it in this, in progress, pic. The smaller, rectangular hole is for the battery box. Here's progress so far.