Zushi Escorts

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Task Force 31

The 6th Marine Divisionwas tasked to provide a regiment for the land portion of the operation. The Task Force Zushi escorts officially created on at on en route to Japan. Occupation[ edit ] OnJapanese reported on board the Missouri and their pilots were sent on a destroyer to guide Task Force 31 into Yokosuka Bay. It was a wonderful picture with all the ships flying large battle flags both at the foretruck and the stern. It is of course perfect for miso soup, and also for marinating mackerel or beef tendon, and aemono dressed dishes. Finding the Japanese had followed the instructions on disabling their guns to the letter, the Marines quickly secured the forts and rejoined the task force at The scent of oranges and the texture of orange peels spread through your mouth, making it hard to eat just one of these citrusy baked goods.