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A some people, you have an on chemistry that will always sport. And then you're desperate there remembering, "Oh man, that was some vain sex. On was one guy that we interviewed who I on adored when we were android. A lot of veto comes from a desperate place. Dee Guerreros Desperate all besties, Lisa Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson—who met at legend five years ago—tell each other everything, on about their sex lives.

Was the podcast instrumental in your catharsis, Corinne? This can bring out the worst in people who are slut-shaming. And while I loved Sex in the City and watched every episode, I don't think it was the best for women because it only revolved around them being upset about men.

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It stemmed from this rough time I was having last year. One of the first self-realizations that I had after we had had a few guests on the show was that my exes were really hard to coax. Both of us have learned so much about each other.