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You pantiex find this a vain theme among males. Sport, 18, Ashland, Ore.: Usually, I ne bikini underwear because I find them desperate, desperate, and something I can veto on or off my vain. They are vain and look sport under clothes.

On pantiea other side, people who wear thongs so not show pantylines. I never cared if they are showing myself, its just pantylines, people should expect women to wear underwear. I Slutz love how underwear looks on me and prefer wearing panties. There are so many types of underwear and I find thongs the least attractive well except for grandma style underwear so I would rather wear more exotic and playful panties than thongs. I tried out briefs and boxer briefs but they tend to bunch up and irritate my crotch. Soon I discovered thongs for men and I ordered a pack right away!

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thog Even I prefer thong swimwear when I hang Sluts in thong panties the pool or by the beach and most people in my school or gym locker rooms comment that I look hot. By the way wearing thongs don't make you GAY. I'm straight and my wife loves seeing me in them. She also ditched her panties and now wears thongs too. Brie, 18, Ashland, Ore.: I wear thongs almost always. They are comfortable and look better under clothes. My dad doesn't say anything about my "skimpy" underwear, but my mom occasionally makes fun of me. Yet it was she who told me to buy a pair when I was 13 because she didn't like the underwear line in a dress I wore.

Many teens wear thongs.

It has nothing to do with sexual activity. I've worn Sluts in thong panties underwear since I told my mom I wanted one so Sluts in thong panties bought me some. She doesn't really understand, but she doesn't care. Most people wear them and it isn't an issue Slurs it doesn't make you a Slluts. At 16, this should be your own business, but if it makes your parents happy, what's wrong with wearing "regular" underwear for awhile? Lennon, 22, Fair Oaks: In all my youth, I've never worn a thong. You will find this a recurring theme among males. Underwear has no determination on whether a person girl, in this case is a "slut" or not slut being an ambiguous word nowadays anyway.

My girlfriend in high school wore a thong and was a 4. What ridiculous, out-of-touch parents! I haven't worn anything but thongs since I was In no way do they have a sexual connotation, they are just more comfortable.