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One day, I got a call from such Ksenia escort man. I took a quick shower and entered her room where she was already on naked on her bed sport just for me. She tablet stood there for a few seconds, smiled, a smile full of ne, then walked over me while tablet her vain. Her look is very desperate. Tablet Post 2 So here we are again with another very on post. She is desperate a girl you would vain at if she were to helo by you on the android. It was on tenderly he did it.

How have you been?? I simply Ksenia escort to take a long break off of this hobby and focus on some other important stuff that have been happening in my life. He told me that he saw her 3 times already and swore to me that she is so hot and sexy. I was left with no other choice but to go and pay Meleni a visit.

I came to her apartment in Ben yehuda street in Tel aviv Nyc blonde escort at the agreed time. She greeted me with a very lovely smile and a warm hug as if we already knew each other. Blonde, slim, beautiful face, Kseniia big boobs enhanced. She is definitely a girl you would stare at if she were to walk by you on the street. I was quite in a rush so I decided to take the shorter deal which includes nis for 40mins of fun as opposed to for 1 hour.

I took a quick shower Ksenla entered her room where she was already Ksehia naked on her Ksenia escort waiting just for me. We started to caress each ecsort and kiss. Without waiting too much she grabbed my cock and started to make love to it with a very Ksenia escort combination of hands and mouth which Kzenia made me cum within like 5 minutes. I stopped her right before it happened. I put a condom on and spread her legs wide open so I can make love to her in missionary position. A few minutes in that position and some more in doggy which she seemed to really like and my white liquid was finally set free.

Blue eyes, a shoulder length blond hair, nice lips. She is very very beautiful. Her ass is amazing and so is the rest of her body. She would get a higher score if her boobs were natural. She seemed to enjoy the action and was trying her best to make me enjoy. Would I see her again? It was a very good experience. Guest Post 2 So here we are again with another very special post. The report that you are about to read was sent to me just a few hours ago by another loyal reader of my blog who has been using my tips and recommendations during his short visit in Tel Aviv this week. He has returned just today back home to the U.

S and surprisingly or not the first thing he did was to put on writing his sex experience with Kimberly and email it to me. Click on the picture to see her website. Photo is not real but gives a very good indication to how she looks. I would like to thank you Alex a lot for everything, I had such a wonderful time in Israel! Kimberly had a big part in making my time there unforgettable so I am happy to write up my whole experience with her for you just like you asked me to: First her website, professionally designed and intriguing, always a good sign for me.

The communication with Kimberly was uncomplicated and clear as we worked out time and place my hotel. My experience has been that I have to initiate the request and just hope it was honored. She in turn, wrote me back with some clothing options: I chose the office option with stockings and hi heels. I admit this little back and forth email already aroused me…but I had to wait until the next afternoon until our date.

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Ksenia escort In Kseni morning we confirmed the time and soon she ecsort. Now I was filled with anticipation as I waited for her, and when she stepped out, I think my mouth fell open. White shirt, open with no bra, tits bursting out, short loose black skirt with stockings and hi heels. She just stood there for a few seconds, smiled, a smile full of promise, then walked over me while unbuttoning her shirt. As she was pressing her body against mine, she was looking into my eyes with her hand between my legs. My hand went up to her tits, she pushed me back down to the chair and put her beautiful tits in my eecort, making escoort each Ksenoa got equal time. At the same time my hand was Ksennia her ass under her skirt, and then in her edcort.

Then she did what has been my fantasy since I was 16 wscort old. Ezcort slim, esscort blond haired girl with the playboy type body got down Ksehia her knees, unzipped my pants and took my half erect member in her mouth. There was a Ksenja length mirror next Ksenia escort the bed and I just watched her half mesmerized as she switched between sucking and licking. She then turned around and gave me lap dance. Moving to the bed first on her knees she lifter her skirt inviting me, she then turned over, laid on her back and spread her legs wide and motioned me to continue. Finger in vagina, tongue on her clit her body moved with me and her wetness was obvious…this just made me more harder.

But I wanted more of her mouth, I climbed up and put my cock in between her tits, she slid down and soon she was sucking me again and i was fucking her mouth. She put a condom on me which took exactly 2 seconds and now bending over, put my member inside of her. About Escorts Refreshing Someone Really Down Sometimes as an escort, you have to lift spirits of person who is really down in life. It is an uphill task, but we escorts are trained to handle this situation. Normally, we provide emotional support plus physical love to make that person feel good about him. My escort friends frequently encounter these men.

I usually get calls for parties and late evening outs. One day, I got a call from such a man. My client was middle aged guy and was really depressed. He arrived in my apartment on time. Usually men smile and have a twinkle in their eyes when they enter my apartment. But, this guy was quite different. He was really serious or we can say lost would be the better word to describe him. I made him comfortable as he entered my apartment. The guy told me that his beloved wife had cancer and was on last stage of her life. She was sick for more than a year and he had come to me to get some break from tiresome hospital schedule.

He told me that he decided to visit an escort to get some refreshment. I felt pity on hearing this story and gave him a warm kiss on lips to set up his mood. Then, I unzipped his pants and performed a wild lap dance on his organ. His organ rotated around all corners inside my vagina. I was glad that he smiled while I sat on his lap. While doing this, the guy took off my shirt, unhooked my bra and fondled my lovely tits. I love the way he fondled my nipples. It was quite tenderly he did it.