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Barclay resigned as a commissioner April 2. His lawyer, Matthew Gover, said Wednesday that Barclay doesn't admit all the allegations in the new affidavit. Barclay concedes to "errors of judgment" in his private life, Gover said, but he said those didn't lapse into his public service. The probe will show the rape allegation is "going nowhere," Gover said. The new warrant obtained from District Judge Susan Day isn't sealed. According to that warrant: Barclay said he hired male prostitutes on a weekly basis, often through a now-defunct Web site called harrisburgfratboys.

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During the March 31 search, hidden cameras were Hidden camera escort in bedrooms, a bathroom and indoor recreational areas of Barclay's house. They were inside AM-FM radios, motion detectors and intercom speaker systems. Barclay said he filmed sexual encounters, saving them on his computer without anyone else knowing. Two men who had lived at Barclay's home told troopers they weren't aware of hidden cameras. A year-old man identified as R. A man identified as W.