Ford Escort Transaxel

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If your transmission is leaking, it will typically result in an oil puddle on the pavement under transaaxel car. Automatic transmission fluid is typically colored red or green. You should take your vehicle in for a transmission inspection as soon as you notice a leak. If you don't see it in time or ignore it, you may eventually notice the engine Ford escort transaxel when you're ecort accelerating the vehicle — this is called transmission slippingand can happen when your car is low on transmission fluid. Can I drive with a transmission leak? Continuing driving with a transmission fluid leak is not recommended, as the leak may become worse while driving and it will be impossible to tell how much fluid you lose while in motion.

For small leaks or seepage, the vehicle may be driven to the repair facility. However, a car with a moderate to large leak should not be driven. In addition to pouring transmission fluid on the ground, the vehicle may suffer transmission failure from lack of lubrication, also called oil starvation. Automatic transmission leaks are most common in high-mileage transmissions in poor condition due to neglected maintenance. Performing factory maintenance on schedule is the best way to help prevent transmission failure. Freight arrived week later. No complaints — all is working fine.

After 2 months of driving I have been proven right — there are no issues whatsoever. Customer service helped me in selecting proper part and I had it delivered within a week.

1993 FORD ESCORT - Transmission, Transaxle Automatic Transmission, 1.8L

It was replaced by my mechanic and it works now. It was old, ttansaxel 15 years old but it works well. I am happy to have additional 5 years warranty in a case something fails. No problems so far, car is running strong and transmission is smooth.

This used transmission worked for some time but recently started giving me problems. I contacted CarMonkeys and asked for my warranty — they have 5-years warranty for used parts. After Fodd them my mechanic invoice showing his Forrd they accepted my claim and send me another transmission in few transadel. I am really happy with their prices and warranty. I paid very reasonable price and got engine within 7 days. My mechanic installed in in 2 days and I can drive my car again. I can recommend their website. Ordered from Carmonkey and the order showed up fast. I've never bought used parts before but it worked out really well this time.

I couldn't find parts cheaper anywhere else and there is also 5 year warranty. I was a little afraid of used part but all went good. And the price was really below anything else I could find.