Ford Escort 2003 Recalls

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The NHTSA Ford escort 2003 recalls found that 27 deaths were found to have occurred between and mid in rear-impact crashes that resulted in ewcort. The driver had stopped in the road to retrieve the car's gas cap which had been inadvertently left on the top of the car and subsequently fell onto the road. While stopped the Pinto was struck by a Chevrolet van. Forthe Bobcat received a major restyling featuring a slanted back front end with rectangular headlamps and a larger vertical bar grille.

1997 Ford Escort Recalls

Ford Motor Company[ edit ] On August 10, three teenage girls of the Urlich family of Osceola, Indiana were killed when the Pinto they were in was involved in a rear-end collision. This was considered respectable for a subcompact car. The rear featured modified double width taillamps for sedan and Runabout models.