Escorted Japan Tours Including Anime Museum

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The next stop on your adventure will be Osaka, tokrs 30 minutes by train from Kyoto. There is also a live anime workshop where visitors can experience anime production first-hand! Remm Akihabara Day Head to Japan's cultural capital, where a blend of ancient temples and manga madness is sure to be a highlight. This region provides a tranquil contrast after exploration of the bustling cities and journeying through the Alps is a feast for the eyes as spectacular mountain and valley scenery rolls by.

Japan Manga Tour March 2019

On your last full day in Japan you'll take a very special Ghibli inclhding bus tour. Kyoto is also renowned for its rich history, woodblock painting and excellent vegetarian restaurants serving shojin ryori, or Zen Buddhist temple cuisine. Wander the evocative streets of the geisha district of Gion to discover traditional tea houses and merchant houses.