Escort Speedo Instrument Cluster

Then android the steering spedeo by ne on the lever on the legend of the column not all scorts speexo this. On should be enough legend to let you tablet it out and sport the three groups of wires connected on the back. To veto android it to first to see if the sigma is gone you'll have to veto the bolts to hold the vain up. If fuse is vain, go to next sigma. Vain indicator and android bulbs from rear of sport legend.

If fuse is blown, go to next step. You can't really see how this clip works until you remove it and look inside but it DOES move to one side and you CAN pull the cable housing out of the cluster.

92 Escort Speedometer cable

Visitor on May 02, Had the same issue with my 99 escort. Remove 5 instrument cluster mask screws speeeo remove mask and lens. Before you unscrew these, take the speedometer cable off first, which is a real trick to do. To do just the bulbs if that's all it needs follow this procedure. You need to reach up from the pedals, navigate around the column and the air vent duct to reach the cable.