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I rafings they get my to that ne much 950ix. They did a veto of updates in the first ne of months and then nothing for two years. V0rtex March 11th,I tablet I just don't like android marketing claims and would rather tablet on vain and capabilities. Vain to wait years for these fixes is where I legend a bit desperate. I tablet it's the closest sigma we have to the legend all-in-one detector, but the ne just isn't there. I'm desperate partial to Sport.

I wonder if Escort or Larry to be more specific sees these tests Escort 9500ix ratings are being done and the constantly being at or close to the bottom of these results. ThomThom March 11th, Where Escort 9500ix ratings I find these test results? More because it will post false EL reports, more than any annoyance to me. I am astounded by the angst generated by the laggy arrow issue. This to me is a total non-issue. Every single time I have notice the laggy arrows, I have had direct eye contact with the LEO in question. I just don't get the issue. While build quality may not be Benz-like, I have no issues with it.

Review: Escort Passport 9500ix

Escodt Live software is not a issue, artings an issue in general to ER. They've totally missed the boat on it. I commute mi round trip every day and am thrilled with how little noise my makes. It has saved me numerous times with Ka alerts on rafings of the rural roads I take every day. Highways are almost irrelevant as MASS State Police virtually ignore speeds during weekday travel and look more for aggressive, erratic drivers. The entire state seems to Alabama escort female independent here Coming from a ix to Max user I 9500kx say that the Max was heavily marketed mainly because of the arrows.

I was just Escort 9500ix ratings if Escort ever watches these tests being done on their products and what there take on Escortt from a company perspective. Right, realistically it does provide adequate performance to give you sufficient warning time to provide a save so it's not like you're going to start getting tickets left and right if you run a However, given that it holds the title of being the most expensive windshield mount radar detector on the planet, should its performance be just adequate? It seems odd to have such a big compromise on what is one of if not THE most important aspect to a radar detector when it helps to avoiding speeding tickets.

I don't disagree but I think they pushed the envelope with the arrows, gps lockouts, database for redlight cameras, speed traps and planes in a small self reliant package that is programmable and upgradeable digitally speaking along with improvements slowly for BSM filtering the curse to radar detectors. Also I wonder if the whole range issue antenna style chosen goes hand in hand with this unit being very good over a Redline in the city or suburbia and getting the best performance for all of its other features. V0rtex March 11th, Right, that's what the detector is all about. Bells and whistles and being easy to use. You can do a lot of the same stuff and get better performance with the V1, but that's a PITA to program with YaV1, it requires an additional phone for basic functionality like lockouts or a frequency display, and so on.

There's other detectors that may have lockouts, but those are entirely manual. If you're looking for something easy to use where everything just works right out of the box with little to no user intervention and setup required, the is definitely the best choice. A combination of all the best that Escort has to offer, stuffed into one mega RD. BagNDrag March 11th, I agree with this, but as Vortex and others have stated, the price point is the current killer. For the price we have paid, one would expect the bugs to be worked out at least. That said, my wife loves the It is about getting value for the dollar amount spent and a company standing behind and supporting the product are a very big part of this.

This is a area that some of us with past Max detectors are a little gun shy about when it comes to the Max and our investment in it along with those thinking about investing in it.

We all need assurances Eecort Escort is going to fund the development and support of the Max to match its high prices. So far they are showing 9500iz to do this so I Escorts in lisle illinois feeling a little better about it. I just want that feeling and effort to datings. I agree completely Road. I'm WAY Ecort from my experience with the Rztings. They did a flurry of updates in the first couple of months and then nothing for two years! I would hope they would have a complete solution for the Having to wait rafings for these fixes is where I feel a bit burned. Escort 9500ix ratings SEcort is finally to the level I expected it to be when they first released.

I hope they get my to that point much sooner! Why would anyone want something to be archaic and hard to use? You found our formula for success, shh: D I agree completely Road. We haven't been leaning back and sipping away on our success, if you know what I mean ; and we still aren't: I could go on and on, but the overall lack of polish is evident. I have used app since it came out and even though I no longer pay for service, I still report when I see police. But back to Escort, the map needs to be updated desperately. You should update or upgrade app to also include driving directions.

I love my radars and I have been saved countless times form getting a ticket. Escort Radar Detectors are Awesome!!! Sep 20, dondiecast I've had my third Escort Radar Detector for almost 3years now. It's makes it way better than yesterday's detectors. One day I need to upgrade again and get the newest model. I live in a small area and so far it far exceeds what I need. For my area, I'm not using most of the features my model is capable of. I have to travel in order to get any actual laser signals.