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You can do it. I see you in here all the time. Just keep putting the work in. I can't wait," he says as he gives Rachel atlanta escort a fist bump then goes back to the chest machine he was using to grip it and rip it with terrible form. I believe this is the mentality most of the men have Detroi escorts $100 Powerhouse gym. I would have to say the community is anything but, "Beaver Friendly. Whenever I see something like that, then think about all the deadbeats at home doing nothing with their life, it instantly amps me up and I've just gotta come home and hammer on the keyboard for you all.

Detroi escorts $100 man in a wheelchair can't move his legs. But, he's in the gym grinding every day. What are you doing with your life? As always, whenever I walk into the casino I am in a good mood. I am one of the few in this world that gets to make a living at a game others can only play for recreation. Most people whose dreams of ever playing any sport or game for a living have been shattered. They've had to be traded in. My dreams are still alive. I make my own hours. I'm my own boss. I get as much overtime as I want.

I never have to worry about a lay off and I can get a raise any time I want as long as I put the work in. I'm still not satisfied, though because the truth is I can be better. I lost another day at the poker table because I tried marijuana in "Wax" format. I lost another two days because I sipped on too much Patron. I consider failure to be not reaching your full potential. Sure, there's nothing wrong with recreational drug use or drinking. But, there's not much right with it either. I know I can grind harder and I'm going to.

Whatever you're grinding for, striving for, I hope you grind harder to, don't forget about all those goals you set for So, I'm walking into the poker room and I see my boy Chuck off to the side on the cell phone. Now, this is the only I ever met in a poker room that sports a flat bill baseball cap with a sticker on it who I can honestly say I like. Hard not to when he tells me stories like these. I guess Chuck has been super active in supporting both of his kids sports teams, school activities, field trips, etc, and he had just got a call from a school authority when I was walking in.

The lady informed him that he'd no longer be able to attend field trips, participate in school activities, or help out with any of the sports teams his kids were on.

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She then proceeded to read off a long list of his non-violent criminal activity. After the lady went on too long reading over the background check they must have done on him Chuck stopped her and said, "You Detroi escorts $100 what? You need to slow down bitch. What if I brought out a laundry list of all the dicks Detroi escorts $100 sucked in your life and scolded you with it? How would you feel? We've all got a past, you know. So, why don't you chill out? The bitch actually apologized. I must have talked some sense into her, ya know?

Still felt bad for my boy, though because I know he does a lot for his kids. He talks about them all the time at the poker table. One of the few guys that genuinely seems to be happily married. I don't know what's more awesome about this guy, though. What do you do in a hand like this? Villian 2 is a middle aged greaseball with what looks to be a half gallon of motor oil dumped into his slicked back hair. He has on a nice dress shirt and is puffing on an e-cig. One of those guys that believes, "It's all luck.

Greaseball heems and haws, then calls. Asian with the Beats By Dre then says, "pot odds" and calls. Flop Dehroi 6h 4h 4c. This is a flop that missed everyone escorrts likely. It checks to us again here. Should we bet or should we take the free card? One man tells a story about a drug addicted girl holed with whatever gang banging loser had enough drugs to $1000 her nasty habit. As her and her man are doing what they do best getting high shots ring out from downstairs at the house. Her man runs out from the bedroom and is sprayed with bullets as he's coming down the stairs. While he's taking the shots, he manages to fire off some of his own that land and the last man standing limps out the house bleeding Detroi escorts $100 and esccorts to his car.

That man dies driving to the hospital. Detori two cops show Asian gagging sluts on the scene, the girl creeps out of the bedroom to see the carnage Detroi escorts $100 a drug deal gone wrong and flees the house. When the cops get there it looks as though it's a wet dream. If you do not agree with or do not wish to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, do not use this Site. Copyright Notice The material on this Site may not be reproduced and may not be distributed, publicly performed or otherwise used in any manner, except with the prior express permission of Escort Platinum. Patent and Trademark Office.

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