1986 Escort Transam Series

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A former BMW executive, he was well aware that compact European luxury sedans had become 1986 escort transam series darlings of American yuppies. Concluding that neither Mercury nor Lincoln had the necessary cachet, Ford created a new sub-brand called Merkur, 1986 escort transam series for the planet Mercury. Rather than establish a separate dealer network, as Honda Central american sluts with AcuraLincoln-Mer- dscort persuaded about existing dealers to invest in parts, marketing and signage for Merkur tranam its initial product: An ergonomic interior complemented a plush ride.

The V6 was replaced with the turbocharged 2. The XR4Ti was an intriguing, but schizophrenic, automobile. Buyers who wanted an automatic also had to settle for a three-speed and 25 fewer hp. A plush ride and strong midrange punch lent themselves to fast highway cruising. Worse, the XR4Ti suffered annoying mechanical gremlins and a noticeable lack of dealer enthusiasm. The XR4Ti dropped its exotic double rear spoiler in ; early sales literature promised "intense driver satisfaction," ample features and "European-type roadability. Frustratingly, many XR4Ti shortcomings could have been rectified if sales had justified the cost. The car had a classic ageless Pininfarina styling, and despite having been in production for many yearsstill looked as up-to-date as any other performance car of its era.

The car has a top speed of mph kph. It's still considered one of the great classic cars of it's time. The Bristol Beaufighter was the most glamorous of the Bristol range cars.

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The car was 1986 escort transam series charged with a Chrysler hemi engine. The car was styled by Zagato and introduced as the Convertible Saloon, in Like similarly powered Brigand it reached 0 to 60 mph 0 to 97kph in 5. In order to meet the tranam of the teansam valve Mercedes-Benz E 2. The BMW Mi had a ci 3,cc single-overhead-cam-fuel-injected straight-6 engine. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph 0 to kph was possible in 7 sec. There was choice of three different gearboxes for the Mi-the BMW 5-speed with overdrive unit,a close-ratio Getrag 5-speedor the ZF triple-range switch able automatic. The brakes were accommodated by four-wheel ventilated disk units, with anti-lock control, and the rear seats had generous leg room to accommodate 2 adults.

After 51 years Rolls-Royce introduced a Bentley that was more than a re-badged, re-radiatored Rolls Royce. The Bentley that was eventually introduced was the Mulsanne, named after the famous straight on the LeMans racing circuit. The Mulsanne was the last of the really fast Bentley.