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The company used its decades of experience in the segment to construct practical, partw and in most cases comfortable people movers that have held up Usex in the ensuing years. Ford's primary buyfrs was on the compact fors market, although it did offer a compelling mid-size model for several years. This article takes a look at three of Used car parts buyers ford escort best Ford Used car parts buyers ford escort available on the used market and discusses their performance, utility and value to buyers looking to make their car-buying dollars count. Small, inexpensive and boasting excellent fuel economy, the Escort was originally offered as either a wagon or a hatchback.

While the hatchback eventually faded in favor of a more conventional sedan and coupe lineup, the wagon persisted and the Escort became a very popular seller for the Dearborn-based automaker. The Escort wagons produced in and represent the last hurrah for the venerable nameplate. The Escort's early sharp edges have been escott and tucked, creating a torpedo-shaped body which fits in well with Ford's overall s styling. The wagon is available with a 5-speed manual transmission which makes the most of the horsepower, 2. With lb-ft of torque this motor is more than up to the task of moving around the extra weight of the wagon's cargo area.

A 4-speed automatic is also available. As one would expect from an engine this size in a car this small, fuel economy is excellent, with the Escort showing 26 miles per gallon in town and 34 on the highway. Inside the car, the Escort wagon does suffer from the same rear-seat leg room problems typical of most late's compact cars. However, for short trips drivers are unlikely to hear too many complaints. In contrast, behind the rear seats is almost 27 cubic feet of storage space, which is competitive with the trunks of some mid-size sedans. The Escort wagon comes standard with air conditioning, dual airbags and power door locks, with the option of power windows and a rear windshield wiper.

The - Ford Escort wagon might be on the small side, but for many the idea of a compact wagon is exactly what they are looking for in a used car - small, but with a good amount of room for hauling musical instruments, tools or even car parts. This diminutive 5-door makes a great low-buck choice for used wagon buyers. The Ford Focus is the vehicle which ended up replacing the Escort at the end of its lifecycle, and Ford once again decided to make a wagon version of their flagship compact car available. The Focus was a clean-slate design for Ford, as they looked to the lessons they had learned in the competitive European small car marketplace and tried their best to apply them onto a template that would appeal to buyers in the United States.

The - Focus wagon is an excellent interpretation of what compact car buyers are looking for, and it puts a more engaging driving experience back into the hands of entry-level buyers. While the Focus might be in the same class as the departed Escort, it takes advantage of its modern platform to offer levels of interior room that dwarf its predecessor.

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Just over 37 cubic Usev of space are available between the rear seat backs and the lift gate, and if the seats are folded flat this expands to a hefty 55 cubic Used car parts buyers ford escort. The Focus also sscort a higher seating position that not only offers a better view of the road but also makes it easier to get in and out of the small wagon. Interior materials are a nice balance between practical and comfortable, with an effort being made to use rubber and soft touch plastics in order to avoid the harsh utilitarian feel that is sometimes found in cars of this price segment. If however, a problem should occur the following procedures should apply.

All engines are warranted against rod knocks, cracked cylinder blocks or heads, bad cam or crankshaft, excessive smoking, and to be in good running order unless otherwise stated. Cylinder heads and cylinder blocks must be machine shop tested before installing against cracks by the buyer for warranty and return. However, the following are not warranted due to breakage or defects: These items are not warranted when sold on an engine and often need to be switched from the original engine. The used engine you have purchased must have new oil and new filter installed upon installation.

You must provide for a new tune up which includes resetting of computers upon installation of a motor. Transmissions are guaranteed to work properly at the time of purchase.

Shearing or breaking of teeth in standard transmissions is not warranted pqrts any circumstances. Customers must replace all seals and fluids. Engines and ewcort must have new seals and new filters. Warranty does not cover replacement of any seals. Radiators are to be replaced or reconditioned by a certified radiator shop. New thermostats must be installed. All lines must be flushed and cleaned to be free of contaminants. New radiator hoses are also suggested.