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Sidaris went on to direct third-rate sexploitation movies involving former Ul. I'm not going to pretend I have never admired someone beautiful. I'm not going to say that during Wimbledon I have not looked at a player's legs eluts thought thoughts that do not fentre in the national press. But Uk sluts centre folds watching foldw sporting event, the athlete's almost superhuman fitness, their shape and definition, the fact that they are physically extraordinary, is very much part of the natural admiration we have for sportspeople.

I don't see how shots of a player's beautiful girlfriend — between every point, it feels like sometimes — add to that. To me, the explanation is simpler and grossly offensive. All men also like "birds". Let's throw some "birds" in with their sport. And if you're thinking it is all rather innocent and not objectification, consider that some almost without exception middle-aged, male director is sitting in a control room somewhere, scanning shots of the crowd, until he chances upon one and thinks "Phwoar! We hand-wring about certain sports not attracting bigger female audiences, while tailoring them for men only — actually tailoring them for a lowest common denominator, a cipher in a director's mind of what a man of his age and sexual mindset might want.

Recently, when I voiced my displeasure on social media about this practice, I got the full range of excuses. They included the perennial, "Why did she dress like that and wave at the camera if she didn't want to be objectified? People find great joy in video evidence that they were at a big sporting event. They tend to wave to their family back home, not to your groin. Also, it was 35C in Brazil that day. Is the assumption that any woman wearing something light obviously wants to be ogled not a distant cousin of the "she asked for it" defence? In any case, that some women choose to pose for page three doesn't make it any less objectifying or exploitative in the eyes of others.

It's also useful to counterpose the treatment of men in similar events. First, there is the "let's mock obesity" shot; you know, the fat bloke who dared to take his shirt off so let's show him to millions of viewers and make some hilarious comment. It is as common a diversion as the honey shot in some ways. And what of streakers? They are beard-strokingly good.

We used to be called You Slut Rolds The drums are kind of the lead singer in that they change time signatures quite a lot and the guitars play rock around them. It's music to stroke your beard to while you're jumping up and down. We get compared a lot to bands like Don Caballero and Oxes, but we'd never heard of them until people started writing about us in the same articles. We were raised as nice indie boys. Tell me about your eight-track mini-album Critical Meat.

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Is there a theme that runs through the mini album? What is your favourite song from it, collectively or separately? Maths is the only theme really. I'm centfe sure we're unanimous in thinking our favourite song is On the spot Tina Turner fine. It chops and changes more than some of the others and is a bastard to play, it always feels like we've achieved something when we get to the end! The best gig was at Rotown in Rotterdam in September We were all pretty chuffed because the tour had gone well and we topped it off by being tighter than we'd ever managed before.