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Sluts dive as voraciously into sex as they do their other many passions. Sluts like their own bodies, and other people's too. Sluts will do a lot for a good story.

Sluts are confident and have great shoes. Sluts find something to love about all different kinds of people. Sluts laugh a lot. Sluts challenge gender roles.

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Sluts will try new things without worrying about looking stupid. Sluts high-five after sex. Hest my life as a slut-enthusiast, I've met many like-minded sluuts. The best men, in Thr opinion, are slut-lovers! I asked some of my guy friends Indepant escorts cork I know go in for this The best sluts delicacy to let me know what the word means to them. My friend Michael, who once told me sluts are "his besr thing in the world," says: It isn't an accessory to a relationship.

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The world also works with oral fixations. Women tend to use this line while claiming to be hungry or while fighting to quit smoking. This one is pretty self-explanatory. When I hear women say this, I usually try to stick my fist in their mouths, which breaks the ice, makes them laugh, and gives me an idea of how wide their mouths can open. It took me years of fucking before I realized that sometimes the best way to get a slut into the hurry-up offense is to out-slut them. But I figured it out.