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I went with an African one few trips back, just so i could treat her roughly, paid her extra extra for anal so i could fuck her ass hard for all her arrogant sisters. The scam starts out by them pretending they're local women looking to hook up, although they usually won't mention anything overtly sexual in their fairly brief emails.

After a few back-and-forth messages that suggest they want to Nigeruan for coffee or whatever, making sure to send Nigerian sluts online some sexy but clothed photos Nigrian keep your interest up, the trap is sprung. You're told they're a part-time cam model and you're invited to visit their site to "vote" for them, with the idea that the more suckers err, voters who do, they'll win some sort of cash prize and then reward you for your participation by going on a date with you. The smell of the scam is strong, but I love to play their game the same way I used to string along those Nigerian scammers who were so ubiquitous back in the late s.

The woman will direct you to a website that has a bunch of her pictures on it; it also includes a place where you need to enter your credit card info so as to "vote. Naturally the purpose of the scam is to capture your credit card info.