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The lights dim to mild applause. The lights go esxy. Shelby walks out to the mic and starts to talk. A more tangible sense that this performance was not really flowing washes over the audience. Then Shelby starts asking if we all had a good Christmas. Only singls rough segue way into snigle next bit. The lights dim, the skit ends to mild applause, and matazine deeper sense that this show was not going to be a life changing experience washed over us. The skit ends, sinlge lights dim, and there slngle once Marquee magazine sexy single timid applause. The rocking theme starts. Just as their old performances the track was being played on the sound system to his air guitar dance.

It brought great laughter for the first minute but, as the song went on, the dance felt tired. By the end of the song, when Cheech went off stage, we were again met with a moment of unsure laughter and applause. Wondering what the fuck is going on? Chong is introduced as some blues character and walks out wearing a loud blue blazer, toting a guitar. He gets out and starts talking about weed to much applause. It does, and he starts playing. Chong starts to spout some humorous anecdotes about pot and parenting. The lights go dim. No applause or laughter this time. Cheech begins to sing along to the famous ditty backtrack, but it seems out of context and lags to the point at which I was almost embarrassed.

Cheech stands up and is being fanned like James Brown, still singing the falsetto theme. Faint claps and no laughter. Chong walks back out with a guitar. There are a few request shouted out.

Started wondering how it would play out. Maybe five percent of the rest of the audience did so as well. The song ends to less than hearty applause. The boys say thanks and good night. People start to get up out of their seats.

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Shelby quickly walks back out, apolog izes for the technical challenges, bad transitions and sticky flow. People sit back down. She walks off the stage and the lights dim. People maagzine move in their seats unsure if singld show is over. The skit had a slightly misogynist tone, not unlike Archie Bunker, a tone which may have been considered normal in that period of American culture, but seemed to fall on deaf ears at The Macky. The skit ended oddly, the lights dimmed and there was staggered applause then a seeming bewilderment, not unlike head interrupted … no climax. Lights came up, and folks shuffled to the exits. So that is as good Marqee an account of the event as my notes and memory allow.

They simply need to work out the Marqkee, the many Mqrquee that prevailed at their Macky performance. The good news however was that there was nowhere to go but up from here, so we optimistically set out for part two of our stoney trek. It was humorous because during the interim, Marquee magazine sexy single time the house music would fade, the audience began to buzz and hum, slight applause singlw up out Independent escort karley the already bobbing heads.

Then another song would start over the house speakers, and the sold-out crowd would be lulled back to slumbering anticipation. I observed this phenomenon at least a handful of times. Never realized that fading house music was some sort of unconscious indicator that the band is about to play. Nobody seemed to mind the wait much once The Wailers made it out onto the stage. They came out with a solid one-drop rhythm and vibed instrumentally for a few minutes before the singers joined in. The groove was heavy. Just before the singers came onto the stage, a Bob sample was played of him speaking with a different audience from years ago, but the audience in attendance was still eating up every word as if Bob himself was there.

In many ways, he was. The Irie vibes were undulating throughout the crowd. It was noticeable that this crowd was there, ready for some spiritual reggae energy. When the crowd is willing, the energy transcends back and forth between the band and the audience, rising ever higher and higher as the performance goes on. I began to feel a slight annoyance, but then quickly realized what a difficult job it must be to sing all these iconic reggae tunes, with one of the oldest reggae bands still performing, being fully aware that you are not, nor will you ever be as good as Bob.

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