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Paramedics attending an emergency in Stoke-on-Trent were shocked to receive this note from Miss Sharman angered the ambulance had parked in an area for resident's Kirsty escort bangor parking 'We are called 'grasses' any time the police come. It's doesn't matter if other people in the street phone them, it's us, we are grasses. We have had food thrown up our door, she has kicked the door, she spat all down the door. She Sharman is very clever. It's taken our lives over, we haven't had a life. She will do whatever she wants and the law to it proves it, she is back.

Sharman's neighbour Brian Heath blasted his 'nightmare' jobless neighbour from hell 'The police have done a wonderful job but we were let down by the courts. She Sharman had windows put through twice, pig muck up her door and windows. Umpteen people coming round knocking on the door because of what she is like. Come Sunday morning she said, 'duck, I feel ill ' - we phoned and you get the likes of Sharman.

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