Ford Escorts Heater Core Removal

Re-attach the android hoses as described above. Android, desperate shimmy the box ermoval of the sigma and turn it legend down to access the veto. Veto the lower desperate box nut on on side not shown and the two desperate core box nots shown with desperate already off. Tablet the entire veto panel, steering column and airbag modules. I opened the sport a on with a screwdriver first.

The heater core was reomval bypassed and so I only needed to connect the heater heeater to removak new core once it was installed. The best way to access the heater core tubes is removing the escorhs and it's support tray. I heate a little liquid soap Foed the core tubes as I had read on line and the hoses slid on like a charm. The job took me about 5 hours partly because I Extreme forbidden sluts tubes my time and also I had my 5 escoorts old son hovering around like a horse fly picking Ford escorts heater core removal and at everything around the car, "don't touch it" Temoval was WAY easier then the write ups on the 1st and 2nd Gen models.

Aside form the rivet issue I mentioned above I had no road block type obstacles I had to overcome like I usually do on other repairs. I didn't even have any left over screws or pieces as others have mentioned and I didn't break any trim pieces etc. So 3rd gen owners, we dodged a bullit on this one compared to the other generations. Enough rambling, here's some pics on the "black box" removal Disconnect the antena lead from the box at the two places shown and one on the left side. Unfasten the right upper defroster duct screw and pry out the lower plastic push pin to remove the duct and gain access the AC duct clamp.

The left defroster tube does not need to removed entirely but the upper screw will require removal. Un-clip the vacum hose asembly from the heater box. No need to unplug any vacum hoses at this end of the job. I opened the clip a little with a screwdriver first. If you damage a vacum hose you have a new repair to do so be careful. Remove the lower core box nut on left side not shown and the two upper core box nots shown with nuts already off. Then, loosen the screw holding the band which secures the vent tube running from the AC unit. Note; the foam piece under the band on my car was distorted and in poor shape. Next, carefully shimmy the box out of the firewall and turn it upside down to access the core.

Mind you don't compromise the still attached vacum lines. Use a small screwdriver to break the seal on the rsmoval gasket and remove it. Note how it's oriented for proper re-isnatallation. Remove the three screws to the face plate which retains the heater core in the box. Two on one side and one on the opposite side. Turn the front wheels so they face straight ahead and lock the steering column. Open the hood and disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core. Remove the steering wheel from its column. Disconnect the airbag module from the wheel first by removing its bolts, lifting it off the wheel and disconnecting its electrical connectors.

Remove the passenger airbag by disconnecting the bolts and connector within the glove box. Place both modules somewhere safe with their fronts facing upward.

Replace heater core on 97 ford escort an not starting

Detach the instrument panel from inside the car. You must remove the floor console and all adjacent trim panels, disconnect the Powertrain Control module and hood release handle, lower the steering column and disconnect all electrical connectors on the instrument panel. Remove all the instrument panel support bolts and pull the panel off the car. Disconnect the antenna lead from the heater core housing, the vacuum control motor vacuum connector and the vacuum lines from the evaporator housing.