Ford Escort Rear Brake Valve

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In Junereear years into the car's UK introduction, Ford announced the completion of the two millionth Ford Escort, a milestone hitherto unmatched by any Ford model outside the US.

escot The Escort had conventional rear-wheel drive and a four-speed manual Ford escort rear brake valveor three-speed automatic transmission. The suspension consisted of MacPherson brame front suspension and a simple live axle mounted on leaf springs. The Escort was the esclrt small Ford to use rack-and-pinion reag. The Mark I featured contemporary styling cues in tune with its time: Less than two years after launch, Ford offered a four-door version of the Escort. Initially, the Escort was sold as a two-door saloon with circular front headlights and rubber flooring on the "De Luxe" model. The "Super" model featured rectangular headlights, carpets, a cigar lighter and a water temperature gauge.

A cc engine was also available in some export markets such as Italy and France. This tiny engine remained popular in Italy, where it was carried over for the Escort Mark II, but in France it was discontinued during This version featured additional instrumentation with a tachometer, battery charge indicator, and oil pressure gauge. The same tuned 1. Later, an "executive" version of the Escort was produced known as the "E". This featured the same 13" road wheels and flared wings of the Sport, but was trimmed in an upmarket, for that time, fashion with wood trim on the dashboard and door cappings.

Ford Proportioning Valve

A higher performance version for rallies and racing was available, the Escort Twin Cam, built for Group 2 international rallying. This engine had falve Ford escort rear brake valve developed for the Lotus Elan. The Escort, driven by Australian driver Frank Gardner went on to comfortably win the championship. The Mark I Escorts became successful as fscort rally car, and they Fprd went on to become one of the most successful rally cars of all time. It sits under the master cylinder so you will need to go under your car to get at it. Use a heavy duty floor jack to raise the front end of the vehicle off the ground.

Secure it with jack stands that are on either side of vehicle. Never rely on the jack itself to keep your car suspended. Step 2 - Remove Front Tire It is easier to get at the proportioning valve if you remove the front tire. This gives you a lot more space to work. Use a lug wrench or an impact wrench to remove the tire. Step 3 - Disconnect All Lines To remove the proportioning valve you will need to disconnect the brake lines that are coming out of it. You will also have to disconnect the wire harness that goes to the low brake fluid light on your dash. This harness is removed by pressing on the tab that releases the clip.

Use an open ended wrench release the compression nuts that hold the brake lines to the valve. Step 4 - Unbolt Valve The proportioning valve is held on with several small bolts. You can use some penetrating oil if they are rusted into position. Use your ratchet set to back out the bolts and remove the valve. Step 5 - Replace with New Valve Once the old proportioning valve has been removed you can immediately set the new valve into place.