Falcon Brakes Onto Escort

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You also need the lower control arms, ball joint assembly, and castor rods bigger in diameter.

Rally Roots: An Escort To Grow With

Paul is using small diameter springs 65mm idwith custom adjustable spring bases and top seat, and doesn't know if the standard springs can be used. The Datsun sedan has drum brakes on the front, while the coupe has disk brakes. Along with all the anxiety that comes with teaching your kid how to become a citizen of the road comes the even more important decision of deciding what their first car should be. He's got K vented disks with landcruiser 4 spot calipers. Glenn has told me that the Stanza lower control arms are slightly longer than those on thebut this is useful, as it gives a bit more negative camber. He has a Nissan Urvan master cylinder a remote reservoir typewhich bolts straight onto the Y booster.