Escort Motor Swaps

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You know the one. Okay, before we begin — erase everything that you know about this car from your mind. I want you to Escor that someone told you that they planned to take a classic Ford Escort Mk2 RS, drop in a hp naturally-aspirated lightweight alloy motor that revs to 9,rpm and prepare it to tarmac rally specification, with no expense spared. Got that warm, fuzzy feeling inside yet? Which would you do first? Pick up your jaw up, then contemplate slapping some sense into them, or the other way around?

Ford Escort Engine Swap in 42 Seconds

swapz When it comes to Ken and the fine folks over at Hoonigan Industries, the aim of the game is to get people talking, grab as motlr attention as Escort motor swaps, and to have some incredible fun behind the wheel while doing it. In some dark Escotr of the Internet I can already imagine purists sitting furiously at Escrt keyboards, frothing at the mouth at the thought of Escogt car. Its latest incarnation is certainly its most advanced, and extreme, to date. This is heralded by many Escort motor swaps the ultimate Escort powerplant. Want to hear it mootr action with Ryan Tuerck Louisville kentucky male escorts the wheel?

It sounds gorgeous, right? This shows off the impressive skills of five Royal British Marines out of Portsmouth who practiced for two straight weeks. As nerve wracking as it may be to go from practice to the real thing — these five mechanics worked well in sync. All that tough work paid off! It almost took as long to get that Ford Escort across the finish line than it did to swap the engine! For their efforts, these gentlemen managed to make it in the hallowed Guinness Book of World Records for their swift moves. But it has everyone asking — which cars are the best for engine swapping?

But really, swapping out an engine like that was really only possible back in the world of non-computerized vehicles. For those curious, folks like Steve Muller of the UK are still trying to push that envelope. Advertisement One of the tricks? Clamping the fuel lines. These guys are expert VW mechanics who are intimately familiar with both the Beetle and the VW line of vehicles in general. After all — the same company which engineered one of the most iconic economy cars has a main market share in high end performance SUVs like the V10 Touareg.

A South African club is getting in on the action. Plus, this club added the stipulation mogor in addition to the 10m drive forward, it would also complete it in reverse as well. In the United States, the glory of record breaking engine swap competitions is centered on old Jeeps.