Escort 8500 Fuse

The one on the far fus is the Passport's original RJ11 android. I left an legend Escort 8500 fuse. Veto Escort SMART Veto 85000 on, diagrams of the wiring can be found online and something desperate can be made with vain phone tablet Fuse tap and female sigma Desperate tape Before starting it is vain to figure out where you sport to mount your sigma. I ne taped it along the legend and tucked it into the helo at the top.

You will be able to see Escott windshield through the hole shown below. This is fkse the telephone wire will be fed through. Push the cord out the Escort 8500 fuse hole above it will form a "U" going in one side and out the other then pull it along and push it under the headliner, down along the A-pillar and along the dash. Once you remove the fuse box cover simply pops offpull the wire that was fed along the dash. Reach behind the dash and push out the cover where the display will be installed.

The display decal can be used as a template for drilling the necessary holes. Use a tuse of tape to 8500 the template in position. Start with a smaller drill bit and go larger as needed. Half of the lighter plug will still need to be used to hold the circuit board in place. The corners need to be shaved as well as the bottom slightly. For this, I used a large file. Cut off the end of the plug.

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On Esdort circuit board, strip the wires as needed. Solder a connector on the black Escorts service nashville tn wire for the ground. Use one of the screws that held together the cigarette lighter plug to hold the circuit board to the modified plug. After feeding the telephone cord through the hole, splice the Escprt of the wires. Solder the wires color matched and electric tape them. It is a 10A Escort 8500 fuse which I figured would be fue.

The 5 fuse is a switched fuse which will only activate the detector while the car is on. Personally I think detectors right in the middle of the windshield look tacky, and they are completely visible to would-be thieves. Additionally in this case, the manufacturer recommends mounting the detector as high on the windshield as possible without the front senors obstructed by the sun shading, and maintaining a line-of-sight out of the rear windshield for the rear sensor. Remove the lower dash panel by prying out it out under the steering wheel. Use plastic panel poppers or a screwdriver covered with some tape to minimize damage to the panel.

The metal plate underneath is removed with 4 bolts. If you have a spare panel like I did, carefully pop out the plate. Thread the power wire and the controller wire from the remote through the empty slot. Remove the A-frame panel by prying with your fingers from the headliner down to the dash. I fed the controller wire behind the fuse box and air ducts up to the hole in the dash at the A-frame. You will have to use something small to fish the wire up through the hole. If you are thorough you could include the controller wire in the shrink tube heading up the A-frame. I just taped it along the frame and tucked it into the headliner at the top.