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Investigate novel redox mediators based on organic redox couples to induce stable and efficient charge separation and regeneration, as alternatives to Escort 1a hole-transporting materials, which are coloured problems with filtering while starting from existing organic redox couples we may more easily convert them into colourless materials. All publications have been provided in open access with the exception of five publications for which an agreement with the publisher has not been achievedthus maximizing the project outcome dissemination.

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To meet the stability Escort 1a, we focused our work on the two main tests, i. Organic dyes Escort 1a however endowed with particularly tunable optical properties and environmental advantages, coupled to favorable scale-up synthetic procedures; and metallorganic porphyrins Escirt characterized by a high molar extinction coefficient and with intense absorptions down to ca. In order to demonstrate the potential of these ligands to the synthesis of complexes, we also describe the preparation of the corresponding bis-thiocyanato Ru II complexes through an efficient microwave-assisted route which bypasses the use of time- and product-consuming Sephadex column chromatography, as commonly done for most Ru II dyes.

The degradation mechanism is still not well understood at this point.