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This turned her step mom on so much, she buried her face in Jessa's pussy. Meanwhile, Jessa's BF had finished his work and left the room looking for her. Boy was he shocked when he opened the door to see his girl being eaten out by her step mom. And the Lord let me come and push past the judgement. And this is real, you have to make sure that what you say and what you do match up, you understand? No, no, no, no, no. I love you dearly. She has been as Christian as she has been— that she is right now when she wore what she wanted to wear.

Meagan gets emotional and sheds some tears. This video and the response is so layered to me. What I do love about it is that DeVon stood up for his wife. In a world where it seems like every other Black man is ready to throw a Black woman under the bus, this image, his message and his fervor, is important to see. And his reaction and her tears afterward seem to illustrate the love these two have for one another. But as much as I appreciate him standing up for his wife, there was one particular part of his response, some are calling it a clapback, that rubbed me the wrong way. I believe women, as human beings, should have the choice and option to wear what they want to wear.

God gives us all free will. Honestly, I never had a problem with the way that Meagan Good dressed until she presented a gospel award with her entire chest out. People love to talk about correcting folks in the church as their duty.

And that may very well be so. But you Devon sluts always seek to correct with love. One of Devoj friends from college, Brittany Dixon, put it perfectly. I believe that if this couple is truly following God, the Holy Spirit will continue to do a work in both of their hearts. That frees us from worrying about where other people are in their spiritual growth process. So Instead of worrying about what someone has on, consider what YOU put on every day.