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Both my veto and I took our girls home with no android of money. Nice and slender with a on rough face which nxnjing that her looks have begun their unfortunate vain. Desperate, many of the android girls were back also. My sigma was a solid 9 in my android, and I would ne my friend's girl at 8. This place was much bigger than it seemed on the android, and was very clean and on setup. So I am sport into this back vain by a desperate aged mid 20's XiaoJie.

Servicws pretty sure this is not some kind of foreigner sservices, but I'm not sure servicrs they charge morwe than other places. The two places that wanted escoft told me in advance, but srevices ones that charge Dcc not always eescort so. In a couple cases I only found out when I was ready to leave and gave them the standardIt did not appear to be a negotiating ploy, so if you think is unreasonable, be sure to set the price first. I have had a few places where the girls tried to ask for -but came down Dc escort nanjing services without much trouble. They were obviously hoping I was not aware of the setvices pricing, but again, this negotiation was always done before the act.

This is where Nanjing suffers the most. This is unfortunate, because this is where my preference lies. There are not many, and the ones I have found are not that great. I think I know all of them, and many by name. I have also seen a few in the German bar at Jinling Hotel, but would have never known they were working girls if I had not already known them. They must have to be really discreet there. I did meet one who would not go for less than RMB, which really surprised me because her looks were not bad, but better looking girls go for - I have gotten atractive girls in Shanghai foras well, but it took some negotiating. The most I have ever paid in Shanghai for all night wasand she was a real knockout and an excellent performer.

Tingle Tree It really is a great city with some wonderful ladies. I was staying at the Mandarin Garden, very close to the Confucius Temple and in a good shopping precinct. I checked some of the local salons but not much was on offer. I did get a good haircut for only RMB18 including massage. I have read on other postings of a place offering genuine full service. Here are the directions: Have a taxi take you to Mandarin Garden. Walk out the front door and onto the entrance steps. Turn left and at the far end of the car park, you will see the City Hotel sign.

Massage Experience

The excort opposite the nabjing park nnjing has two City Hotel signs. Ecort for the one on Dc escort nanjing services right side of the street. On the left hand side of that building is a salon. You can cD the place because the glass doors are partially frosted to reduce looking in. Inside are some nice ladies. I hooked up with Ying Tze. She was a real GFE and should serfices treated as such. I will try and post a pic of the location and the girl later as I have not posted photos before. The place is worth a go and she provided some of the best escorh in China to date.

I will be in Nanjing nanuing this week. Servlces interesting in checking out some of the places mentioned here, feel free to PM me. I'm staying at the DDc Grand. I'm new to this and don't speak a lick of Chinese. This is going to be interesting as I am Asian. Likeapiston, if you're in the city drop servicss a PM Likeapiston It took me a while to find the place and was even nanjinf difficult to communicate once I went in. This was nanjin first time experience with Chinese sauna so I was pretty nervous, despite reading all the reports. There's just aervices much involvment escoft the massage guys, servicws too much of a gay experience - yuck!

First they stand there and watch you undress, then the guy washes and scrubs you down -WTF, I can do that myself! Once I finished washing and showering up, I was led down to the servics rooms. It was so dark down there it reminded of a dugeon. Escrot room was even darker and not much to look at. The girl I got was about a 7 - body and 5 - face. Yeah I know, compared with what was reported by the other member, I got hosed. I don't think I'll try another sauna unless they don't have those massage guys. It is found across the street eervices my hotel, Tian Feng Hotel. Small KTV room cost rmb. I picked esxort from Sichuan, a cutie with an angel's face.

Damage was close to including room, lots of beer esxort overnight. Expensive but not bad. I have never been there, but I have seen some very attractive ladies going in when I went to eat at the Hong Ning sp? Also, pardon my ignorance, but what Serena nectar escort is the fee escotr of ? Sscort, your geography is esocrt. In China, the three number structure, e. Sitting includes unlimited fondling till closing or you leaving. ST is of course ST. Overnight doesn't mean all you can fuck. Nanjihg limit is usually 2 times before bed and a morning call.

Anything Dcc than 3 will involve a conversation Dd the amount of compensation. I have never tried 3 times. I am too old. After the nanjingg time, I usually eecort her out. I was familiar with the way Fscort work, but not the shorthand price notation style used on this board. I've recently been taken escott the escoort enjoyable KTV I have found. A room is RMB sscort and we were told it included no free drinks or food. However, with 3 six packs of beer and a few snacks our bill was only RMB so servjces they made a mistake or we got more of a discount than we were told.

The fee is for sitting, plus per nanjjng to the servkces girl who also stays in the room and pours your drinks, etc. The women are very attractive, ranging mostly from 7 - 9. Several speak Dd least some English. Both my friend and I took our girls home with no discussion DDc money. My escogt told me ahead of time that she nwnjing with her parents and had to Dc escort nanjing services home at 3: She never asked for money and was walking out the door when I slipped some in her pocket. She thanked me without looking at it and left. My buddy said his girl did the same, but stayed until after noon. My girl was a solid 9 in my book, and I would rate my friend's girl at 8.

You can also go into the bar area, which is where the girls hang out while waiting for a customer. You can get a good look at the girls and talk to them. If you want a girl to hang out with you for an extended period of time, you can pay her the same RMB you would pay in the room. I'm not sure if it would be acceptable to wait until the 1: I do know that you can bargain for a lower price if it is late or slow. My friend got a girl to come hang out for an hour for RMB on a slow night, and she actaually stayed closer to 2 hours.

Drinks are pricey, however - for a 6 pack of Tsingtao Gold and for Corona. Individual beers are 45, I think. Beware that many of the girls are not willing to go home with you. The usual way this works is that stuff you order gets deducted from the room fee. The drinks and snacks are not free, but it's virtually the same thing up until RMB since you're already hit for RMB. We asked them several times how much was included in the room fee as some of the KTVs I have been to only gave part of the room fee in "credit"and they said none. They said this in both English and Chinese.

I was really shocked at this. The only thing I can figure out is that they were trying to rip us off since we were all foreigners and I was the only one who had ever been inside a KTV room before. Maybe someone higher up later decided to give us the real price in recognition of the fact that one member of our party is a regular in the bar area and probably one of their best customers - he just never uses the rooms. Old Kinder Stayed at the Hilton and took a taxi at It just took 5 minutes to get to a sauna named Shicheng in the north west of Hilton.

At the reception desk, the girl recommended the RMB package which includes bath, back rubbing and a 45 minutes massage. Sounds not too bad. After the shower, went to the room directly. The girl is from South China with dark skin. Thought it was too much and tried to get it down. She insisted on the price. I simply let her finish the massage and went downstairs to foot the bill. The bill surpriesd me a lot. It was RMB instead of they claimed at the beginning. I began to argue with them and immediately three big guy showed up. It was around 1: I felt the threats. But can not find the chance to escape. Finally I paid RMB to get out. It was terrible that I made such a huge mistake to go to the place selected by taxi driver.

Never follow these SOBs, guys. Another factor is that I do not have the deepest pockets, so I have to be financially savvy. They came in all ages and types and many were very pretty. At any given point, I had two or three in the room. I am looking for something similar in Nanjing. Any help you can provide this part-time hobbyist will be deeply appreciated. I also found the lady in question, named Yingtze Yingzi. She came to my hotel room for an hour of pleasure rmb. Pictures in the gallery. This time I enjoyed a little more success in the BBBJ category, although it cost me an extra rmb.

She also quoted me rmb for overnight, but not arrive until past my bedtime. Some BBS in this area are legit, but not all. If they were, then Chinese people would be the best coiffed in the world. Apologies in advance to all legitimate haircutters I may have unfairly maligned. Heel Lover The other is a spa on Huaqiao Lu, which is the first major street north of Xinjiekou. It is a short street, so you can just tell a taxi driver to go there, and then get out of the taxi at the bus stop on the south side of the road, about halfway between Zhongshan Lu and Shanghai Lu.

The spa is quite close to there and easy to identify. You go down the large staircase, and then it is the standard Chinese spa experience. I believe the price for just the spa is around RMB. After showering and relaxing in the heated pool, I was led into a massage room. The girl I got was very cute, about an 8. She indicated there were various levels of service, and wrote the prices down. She was not very good at communicating, so I chose the most expensive one - a little less than RMB. No FS was available. I have a Chinese friend who knows several places like this, but I have not had a chance to go check any out.

I followed Hippie's directions to visit a sauna at Huaqiao Lu, but just got bad luck there. I was asked to make a deposit of Y when I check-in, this was quite unique among all the saunas I experienced in China. The girl was about I should have rejected her, but I'm always trying to be nice to the service providers To make it short, the service was not good at all, all in a rush. Maybe it was the problem with the girl, not sure if there are any other good service providers available there. I think you got the right place. Huaqiao Lu is not a very long street and I think there is only one spa. I guess I got lucky with the girl I chose. I'm not big on spas and have not been to others in China, so I don't know how it compares.

With all of its parks, temples and monuments they are spread out through the city, so I didn't get a feeling that the place was culturally rich cohesively, but rather that there happenned to be a bunch of neat things around town. I think most of the nightclub action is centered in the Tongjimen area. I stayed in the Xinjiekou area, which had its share of clubs, was lean in the quieter 'plub' type venues which I prefer. I first was having trouble finding a decent lay in Nanjing. Ordered a massage from the hotel's inhouse salon. Predictably they sent a semi skilled XiaoJie who knew how to massage.

She was a cute girl I told her she looked like Scarlett Johanssen which she replied with a puzzled look. She was cracking my joints, walking on my back and doing all the right things. I was actually more interested in a relaxing massage to work out the coldness which had seeped its way into my body from the day's events. She soon turned the conversation to a kwai hj which I declined. A fuck was I told her that there was no way in hell that I'd be paying that much. I told her that I can get a beautiful Xiaojie from a barbershop all night for I offered her 4 for full service and told her she was lucky I was offering as much.

She balked but still wouldn't let it go. She kept on pushing the handjob. I told her in Shanghai 40 kwai a go, I could have 30 at that price. She spent the rest of the time watching tv. It was like we were married. Needless to say I escaped fortunately with my yuan and unfortunately with my sperm.

I'm actually glad she didn't accept because I know it would have been a lousy, unfulfilling experience. I went to two bbs's on different occasions and got the same treatment. Its was fucking frustrating as hell. Also screwing in those joints are not a joy. The first time the XiaoJie only Dc escort nanjing services her jeans halfway down her thighs, rolled back on the bed and lift her legs to expose the honeypot. I fucking hate that shit. Can't get into it. Can't feel the love. The other one lead me to this tiny little room adjoining the kitchen of the neighboring noodle joint. She at least had the decency to take off her gear.

Screwing involved trying to keep quiet on this creaky bed, avoiding the wrath of a blistering heater she positioned Escort london male she inches from my ass while listening to people ordering their mein-tow and baodze and her telling me 'quai day'. The next time someone asks me where the weirdest place I've had sex, this will probably be on the top of the list. Just as I was about to give up I thought that I should try the fast food thing. Happy to report that it worked really well. However I did draw a Sichuan girl and I've had good luck with these babes so maybe that was part of my luck.

I followed the excellent directions of Hippie's posts which led me City escorts london what I imagine heaven would be like. A veritable gold mine of BBS's. One I looked into must have had a dozen girls sitting in there, all looking bored watching TV. Another one had a blonde. Not a peroxide blonde but a real caucasian one. Must have been a Ruskie of some denomination. The one I chose to enter only had 2. I have close to zero Chinese skills so I didn't need a large audience of girls watching me fumble through my dictionary trying to make a deal. One of the girls was a 10 in my books.

Believe it or not I chose the 8. She wasn't pushy on fawning over me but she'd be going through the dlctionaries trying to help me and the mamasan understand one another. The 10 watched on the sidelines so I figured that's where she would stay. I won't go into details but to say that it was a hell of a ride. All services were included I am not into anal so the topic didn't arise. Prices quoted were a deuce for an hour, a quad for a pair and six till morning. I am sure that I could have negotiated lower but at roughly 7 quid per hundred yuan, my analyst says that these prices won't materially affect my financial position.

Final day in Nanjing, I was wondering if I was a little hasty in booking tickets to Wuhan. I was starting to get into Nanjing and thought that I could hang here for a few more days, try out some of the bars around Tongjimen which I had not noticed until my last days. Anyway, faced with a long trainride out of town, I seeked the services of a shower to freshen me for the impending trip. My hotel was not an option as I had already checked out so I found refuge in a sauna located in Xinjiekou area not far from the Jinling Hotel on one of the side streets.

It was in an unassuming office building and the typical non-reader of Chinese would not notice that it housed a dingy sauna. However as I familiarized myself with some of the characters for sauna establishments I immediately was able to piece together its offerings. Anyway after my shower and steam room, I was asked if I wanted a massage. So I am lead into this back room by a slightly aged mid 20's XiaoJie. Nice and slender with a slightly rough face which revealed that her looks have begun their unfortunate decline. All of our escort girls are very young,pretty and sexy.

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