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You can be a hipster or you can be a Muslim. But the hijab is as simple as putting a T-shirt on. We know we need to eat. We know we need to sleep. So, you think, Wow I also find this man interesting and intriguing. How did this happen?! I wanted a Muslim! My spirituality is very important to me. You want someone who is going to be able to enjoy sharing these experiences with you. He might ask what mosque I belong to.

Because the initial conversation is about anything else in the world aside from the religion. And then, maybe during mkslims third or fourth conversation, it comes up. I am at this point in my life where I would love to build a family and settle down. If nothing else, I just want something that has substance and is meaningful. But you know how men are.

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So your fuckboy meter is in check, which is good. But you never hear those stories. Okay so back to your parents. Those intimate forms of touch are just meant for your husband or your family members or whatever, and not just for strangers. How would the introduction go? I have to remind myself. So his parents have given him the okay to move forward. Then he would have to approach my dad and mom and introduce himself to them and kind of ask for permission that way. And then both families would meet and feel each other out. And then, if both families have approved it, then we would get married.