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Kinda attracts the local guys who Cruising for escorts in the mid 30s. Tekka Mall, Serangoon Street, Singapore. Urinals are behind wall so time to "adjust" if you hear the door. No Glory holes, but guys usually hang out at urinals. Some students and uniform guys. Dark alleys after 7. Clean toilet at The Riverwalk. Young guys and yuppies. This is the easiest place in Singapore to get some action, as a frequent visitor from the West. There is also a quieter toilet in the aforementioned City Mall Link, behind a shop called Purple Pots, just before you reach Suntec. Plenty of recovery time if someone comes. Tanglin Shopping Centre,Tanglin Rd.

Expats and Local sexy men. Delta Swimming Complex, Redhill, Singapore. Discreet gays go here for a swim. Mostly people go there for some sun tanning. Some cruising in toilets. Many cute execs with tie and office execs whose want to release stress.

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For nude sunbathing, following the well worn path or follow someone who looks like they know where they are going. The beach is to the south. Do not hang too long in the toilet and try toilet at parking level! Get in the mood for gay cruising in Singapore by watching some gay hardcore sex movies. After you have watched them you will be so turned on and ready escrots go and get your rocks off in the public toilets and other cruise pick up areas. Woodlands Checkpoint escorfs, Singapore. There are more women fof Cruising for escorts to start with and they live longer. The result is that for a lot of women, escodts through older age is going to be a solo act.

Or actually, maybe not. Cruise ships have gotten wise to the fact that single women passengers will have a better time if they meet someone on board who dances with them into the wee hours, brings lively conversation to the dinner table and in general makes sure they don't feel alone at sea on a Noah's ark full of paired-off couples. After all, the "Love Boat" wasn't about reading a book alone in your cabin every night, was it? No hanky-panky is allowed, not even a smooch good night. But women have been known to have such a good time that they inquire whether a particular host will be on-board a ship before they book a second cruise. The hosts enjoy all the ship's services but are expected to fulfill their jobs as part of the entertainment staff.

Their at-sea days are spent partnering up with women during dance classes and joining them during cocktail hours. They generally host a dinner table of eight -- usually a group of women traveling alone or with a woman friend -- where their jobs are to make sure no one is left out of the conversation. After dinner, you can find them in one of the ship's lounges, dancing with the unattached women until the music stops playing. On shore days, their option is to go off on their own or represent the cruise line on one of the group tours.