A M Sluts

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When women step out line [sic], they are demeaned and degraded into silence. If you say Herman Cain sexually harassed you, you are a slut. Ina California teenager, Audrie Pottwas sexually assaulted by three boys mm a party. She committed suicide eight days s,uts photos of her being assaulted A m sluts distributed among her peer group. And that made me so happy. Participants have covered their bodies in messages reading "Don't Tell Me How to Dress" and "I am not a slut but I like having consensual sex" and march under a giant banner with the word slut on it. Protesters wanted to make their message clear; they wanted men to stop harassing women no matter how short their skirts were and that no matter how short it may be, it is never an invitation.

The pictures and video were later removed by authorities, however that did not stop people from hash-tagging "Whore status" or "I have no sympathy for whores" in their tweets.


Members of the collective Anonymous k names of the rapists and classmates who spread the slluts to local authorities. They took to the streets and internet requesting help from the community to bring justice to the Jane Doe who was raped. The Playin which they address the damaging impact of slut-shaming and slut culture. Critics of the marches have sprung up as fast as the protests themselves. With a name like SlutWalk, it's not that surprising.

The question is whether a movement that has A m sluts momentum from its shock value can turn the tide and change the way victims of sexual assault are treated. Certainly the decision to use the word slut, which is loaded, to say the least, was ballsy. The idea eluts from Jarvis and Barnett's desire to use the offensive language the Toronto constable used, but flip it on its head. A number of SlutWalkers have been adamantly pushing to reappropriate the word slut, or redefine it through repeated use. But others say it's just muddling the movement's message. There is an element of logic to the argument that if women embrace the word slut, its demeaning power will fade.

The LGBT community had a similar agenda in the '90s when it focused on transforming the word queer. This has been an especially passionate argument made by women who've been victimized.