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But this line of reasoning reveals a flaw in esxort we think about UM and what we want from it in the post-scandal era. From 317 escort risk-management perspective, letting Plakorus resign quietly was the correct play. And all the incentives in the UM system encourage Haslam and administrators in similar positions to think in terms of risk management. Ezcort want UM to demonstrate that its culture has changed, ideally with public gestures that will begin to make up for the public screwups of the past. But the university is not a person who ignored sexual misconduct before and wants to call it out now.

It is an institution. Its behavior in situations like these has less to do with culture than with the institutional incentives at work on a public university. In this case, the incentive for UM to protect itself as an employer outweighed its incentive to demonstrate a commitment to protecting women. That might seem cynical, especially from the perspective of the individual who is at no risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit. The individual wants UM to prove that it has changed.

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317 escort The institution, on esckrt other hand, is incentivized primarily to prevent another scandal escorg the one that threatened it earlier this decade. I find it unfortunate. The university is responding to the incentives at work. A week later she departed for New York in company with a westbound convoy, which reached the East Coast 28 March. After picking up 31 survivors, including the tanker's captain, Joyce detected a submarine by sonar at and pressed home an attack. She dropped a deadly pattern of 13 depth charges which forced U to the surface, bow first, some 2, yards to her stern.

Joyce, Gandy, and Peterson shelled the submarine, silenced her deck guns 317 escort forced the hapless U to surrender. Joyce ordered the Germans to abandon ship, but before a boarding party could seize the captured prize, the Germans 317 escort her. Only 40 minutes after Joyce had detected her, she plunged stern first beneath the waves. Joyce rescued and took prisoner 13 survivors, including the U-boat's skipper, escorted the convoy safely to Derry 26 April, and returned in convoy to the United States where she arrived New York 12 May. During the next year Joyce conducted eight more escort voyages for convoys bound from New York to Great Britain; she returned to New York from her last convoy run 13 May She conducted ASW exercises in the Hawaiian operating area until 28 August when she sailed for Saipan Island and SaseboJapan, as escort for a convoy of amphibious landing ships.

She remained in the Philippines on escort duty throughout October and sailed from GuiuanSamar4 November with 29 returning veterans for Pearl Harbor. Arriving the 15th, she continued to San Diego 17 November; upon her arrival the 23d she debarked her passengers and received orders to report for duty with the Atlantic Fleet. Joyce remained at New York for an inactivation overhaul until 21 January when she departed for a 3-day voyage to Green Cove Springs, Florida.