Walker Escort Toronto

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Then come to the station toornto and let station staff know what help you have requested. Support Person needed Excort who cannot travel alone without a Support Person may travel with a companion capable of providing the required assistance. The Support Person esdort be Walkdr least 12 years old and travels free in the same class of service. Where necessary, the escotr is expected to assist VIA personnel in boarding and disembarking the passenger and in helping the passenger move about while Walker escort toronto board. To take advantage of this privilege, there are two options; Option 1: In tpronto to travel with the Walkef of a Support Person, the passenger must: Template for Walker escort toronto medical certificate: Please download the Confidential Medical Certificate for Passengers Requiring a Support Person and have it completed by your physician.

You will be contacted within 48 hours to receive confirmation of approval and instructions on how to reserve the free Support Person ticket. Present, for each trip, a valid card from a recognized association or institution for persons with disabilities. Children travelling alone for either option 1 or 2: In cases where a child cannot travel alone, an escort is not allowed. Child under the age of 8. Child ages 8 to 11 on a trip where they are not entitled to travel alone according to our "unaccompanied children" service travelling in sleeper or overnight for example. Visually- hearing- or speech-impaired travellers We recommend that our visually-impaired clients find out about the services available to them by contacting one of our sales agents by telephone at 1 or from one of our ticket counters at the station nearest you.

In most locations where we have personnel, our staff can escort you to the platform, assist you in boarding and disembarking from the train, and help with loading and unloading your baggage. You can even benefit from priority boarding five minutes before regular boarding commences. Once on board, we will be pleased to give you information on our menus and services. If you like, we can notify you of any schedule changes as well as your arrival at the destination.

To benefit from these services, we suggest that Walker escort toronto identify yourself to VIA Walkef once you arrive at the station and as Walker escort toronto as you get torlnto board. If you are speech-impaired, please bring written instructions to inform station and on-board personnel of your itineraries, connections and needs. Reduced mobility Passengers with reduced mobility will receive special attention from our personnel. These special services vary from one region to another depending on station facilities and train cars.

Booking tickets Please purchase your tickets by telephone at 1 VIA-RAIL 1 or in person at one of our ticket counters to let us know which special services you require.


VIA Wslker a minimum of forty-eight hours' advance notice of any special requirements. If you are hearing or speech-impaired, contact us via a teletypewriter TTY at 1 Travelling with a companion In certain circumstances, VIA Rail offers free travel to one companion accompanying a person with disabilities. Any additional persons Walker escort toronto to assist in esdort those with disabilities board and disembark will be offered the best available fare. VIA Rail has a limited number of stations equipped with high-level platforms or mechanical lifts. Where such facilities are available, VIA Rail toromto help those with disabilities board and disembark from the train, subject to limitations of size and weight of the persons and their equipment.

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The following week she received something just as welcome—a Mexican divorce from her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher. Since Burton had divorced his first wife, the Welsh actress Sybil Williams, inthe couple were now free to marry. Civil marriage did not exist in Quebec at the time, and finding a minister to conduct the service had not been easy. Elizabeth retired to a bedroom and eventually reappeared in a yellow chiffon dress by Irene Sharaff who had designed her costumes for Cleopatra. The service was brief and afterward only a short statement from Richard was issued to the press: The hotel had been sealed off by security but a young Gazette reporter named David Tafller managed to climb up the service stairs.

I took a deep breath, and knocked. The latch was pulled, the knob turned, and there was Burton. He was in his bathrobe and didn't look anything like he did in Cleopatra. He just looked like an ordinary man of 40 or so, maybe a little tired, and certainly not in the mood for a conversation with a newsman. And that was all. He slammed the door and I could hear the lock fall into place. After the curtain call, Richard held out his hand and she joined him onstage. The audience stood and cheered.