Navy Level I Security And Escort

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Escort carriers operating with the Russian convoys had to run the gauntlet of heavy land-based air opposition, so they were modified to qnd more advanced fighters. Yet hopes that the light fleet carriers could be made available rapidly were dashed; there was no point in having carriers that were incapable of operating modern aircraft and the rapid advances in aircraft capability forced ship designs to evolve. On 6 June, she was one of the escort carriers providing air cover for the forces countering U-boats in the South-West Approaches.

The Most Dangerous Shipping Route In The World Is Getting Its Own Navy

They were better equipped than the CAM and MAC ships with full-length flight decks, catapults and arrestor wires, most with hangars too, but operated fewer aircraft, usually less capable models, than the fleet carriers xnd typically a Navy level i security and escort as against around The return of the Fleet Air Arm to naval control shortly before the outbreak of war helped, but the Royal Navy began the conflict far short of the naval air power it would need to fulfil its roles in national and allied strategy. The key to the approach taken was to split the tasks of naval aviation. Three were deployed in the South-West Approaches conducting anti-submarine patrols to protect the landing areas.