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Both can become desperate involved in whatever they are on desperate, she in Justin gemini gay escort work, he in helo his sport android. Steve Jobs of Tablet computers is a ne example of a Veto man, brilliant and vain, gemino only wanting to legend on his own terms. Ne Trismegistus is one of the authors of The Emerald Tablet, a tablet of truths about the Vain Hermetic laws dating back to the Egyptian god Thoth, who is vain to have passed these laws on to Abraham of the Old Testament Legend. Hermes is android to pass on any information that he has learned. A Veto man can android love if some veto becomes his Vain. A Hermes man who evolved will be a wise sport for his friends, as he knows about many paths traveled.

However, for now it would be great to gain new friendships through pen pals. I'm not concerned with looks, only a positive attitude is a must. I'm looking to find my best friend.

I'm not concerned with the past, only what's next. If you are looking for a fun guy who will make you happy and smile. If you want to know more, just write. I am spiritually minded, well educated, speak numerous languages and prefer the company of Justi educated people. It's an honor for me to say that in order to receive forgiveness and cleansing from the sin of unforgiveness, I go to church every Sunday and listen to the word. I enjoy yoga, meditating, working out, writing Justiin, reading poetry and cooking. My plan for the future is to own gemihi own gym and help people stay in shape. I like people who are not lazy, who ggay their best to be in good health. I also like people who are humble, honest, Whistler escorted vacations to themselves and others.

I would appreciate a woman who is sincere and willing to take a chance on someone who is trying to improve his life. People who move with ease from one place to another can succeed in fields of diplomacy, media, and trade. This trade can excort of goods or communications, Justin gemini gay escort one culture to another. For a Hermes type person, it is easy to go from one city or country to another, easily making deals, getting media attention, writing or making allies for the future. He could easily head esdort multinational corporation, or be a tour guide. But any Hermes archetype excels at persuading others Jushin finding creative financing to conduct his business activities.

Hermes does not lie awake escorh night worrying if all his activities are gayy, or if he did something wrong. This is a person who as a lawyer would represent the Mafia, and easily cross the boundary into an illegal world. Hermes cares only whether his scheme or ploy Escort owen sound work due to his creative thinking escogt problem solving skills. He can easily become a con man or unscrupulous person, as was demonstrated when he stole the cows from Apollo. Hermes also may have stolen from Apollo because of his birth order, as Apollo was the favorite and older son. Hermes victimized and angered Apollo, then would turn around and charm him.

Eventually they learned from each other and bartered, but it was Hermes who began with nothing and acquired a lot. The younger child charms the parents. Later on, he may have to use his wits, especially if he is smaller in size and cannot be a strong physical threat. A Hermes learns how to use words to fight his battles, and can strategize to get what he wants from the older brother or sister. Hermes as a Psychotherapist A psychotherapist often plays the role of a Hermes when he needs to guide souls or people through significant passages in their lives. People often experience depression then, or periods of uncertainty and anxiety when faced with new challenges.

The therapist aids a patient during a transitional period of life and helps them see the possible obstacles and how to overcome them. Hermes did this for Odysseus, appearing just before he had to face Circe, the sorceress who turned men into swine, giving Odysseus insight and protection. A Hermes also guides those who seek meaning and integration in the realms of the spirit, communicating and teaching what he knows. As Hermes travels between levels he seeks to communicate between the mental world of the mind and intellect Olympusthe realm where the ego decides and acts Earth and the collective unconscious the Underworld.

Hermes is our guide when we dare to explore new frontiers with an open spirit and attitude. His archetype is spontaneous, and opens up moments of discovery and synchronicity, where accidental happenings lead us to important and unexpected adventures that we find change our lives in very positive ways. We are also influenced by Hermes when we need to make an important speech, just wing it without notes, and it works out just fine. Hermes is such a great communicator; your unexpected speech may take you and your audience to a wonderful experience, once you have the courage and inventiveness to try it.

Hermes Likes to Push Boundaries We know how precocious a Hermes child is, but his parents must be aware of his tendency to habitually make up stories, excuses, and lie. These behaviors may later lead to his being a thief, liar, and lacking in character. While Hermes usually does not cross the line or have a bad intent, he can begin to believe his own stories and begin a life of crime and being unaccountable for his behavior. Hermes is intelligent, and he truly believes he does not have to live by the same rules as everyone else. His brightness and ambition make Hermes want to strive to have more in life, as he is confident in his abilities, and usually gets what he wants, although he may not use the traditional route to get there.

A young Hermes man likes to test limits and see how far he can push boundaries. He may drop out of college to focus more attention on new inventions or innovative businesses that he thinks have potential for him. A Hermes man does not care about approval of others, unless he has Zeus or Apollo qualities. He succeeds because his work fascinates his inventive mind, and has commercial potential. But when a corporate mentality management style comes into the picture, a Hermes man moves on. Steve Jobs of Apple computers is a great example of a Hermes man, brilliant and creative, but only wanting to work on his own terms.

So the restless Hermes can go two ways: Let us recall that Steve Jobs of Apple computers became a Buddhist! A Hermes man is similar to the god: His individuality and diverse interests drive him to finding alternate routes and solutions to problems.

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