Hatian Sluts

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How to Talk About Haiti's Rape Epidemic

Gordon, I think, has managed to circumvent many of these problems of representation and commodification by making her photographs neither one thing nor another: Now see this Hatian sluts photographer Seba Kurtis travelled to north Africa in to do a project on the new routes created by human traffickers to smuggle immigrants to Europe. It is on show at the Quad Cinema Gallery in Derby until 5 September alongside Esyllt Hedd Evans's intimate and elegiac images of her grandparents' surroundings and belongings: Gordon spent almost 15 years taking photographs of the annual carnival in Jacmel for her book, Kanaval: Neither straight reportage nor traditional portraiture, Gordon's images, writes Beasley, occupy "a space between documentation, public memory and the phantasmic theatre of the historic imagination".

Salaam is a wonderful record of an accidental project.